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 Project Zero
An important part of this course consists of reading through the book Zero - The Biography of a Dangerous Idea.  This book puts the development of mathematics and physics into its historical, social and technological context.

Read the book and write the "content essays" - see dates and questions below.

Zero - The Biography of a Dangerous Idea

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The purpose of the assignment is:
i) To prove to me that you read and understood the chapters. Make sure you include book details in your answers! Include page references like this [p62].
ii) To have you express technical ideas clearly and persuasively. Make sure you address the question in your mini-essay!
iii) Respond personally to the information - tell me what was interesting to you and why.


bulletAll essays must be between 500 and 700 words, in good paragraph format, but concisely worded.
bulletYou must cite page numbers (or other sources) for all ideas and information that are used in your answers, like this:  [p62]
bulletYour answers will be marked on a scale of 0-4 (x10 = 40) for Knowledge/Understanding [Ku] and Communication [C]
bulletEXEMPLAR of a 'perfect paper" is here: Project/Zero Assignment 1 - EXEMPLAR.pdf

How to submit your work

bulletYou must submit an electronic copy to our course on www.turnitin.com.
bulletAll due dates are "submit by" dates - you can always hand work in ahead of time.
bulletLate assignments are accepted, but with a 15% deduction.

Questions & Due Dates for 2018-2019
(But, really, why not get them all submitted ASAP?? Tests and other assignments will be added in regardless of these dates, so better to do it now!)

#1 - Chapters 0-2  

bulletDue before 10:59 pm on Oct 28th
bulletSummarize Chapters 0-2 in a couple of paragraphs, then answer ONE of the following:

A. What were some of the problems with zero? What was its appeal?
B. Zeno's paradox is sometimes hard to explain and understand. Explain it in your own words and explain what it has to do with zero...

#2 - Chapters 3-4

bulletDue before 10:59 pm on Nov 25th
bulletSummarize Chapters 3 & 4 in a couple of paragraphs, then answer ONE of the following:

C. Why was the East able to accept and work with infinities when Western culture couldn't?
D. Once zero was accepted in the West it was rapidly put to use. How as it used in the early renaissance? Why was this so important?

#3 - Chapters 5-6

bulletDue before 10:59 pm on Jan 27th, 2019
bulletSummarize Chapters 5 & 6 in a couple of paragraphs, then answer this question:

E. Explain the Riemann Sphere, and then explain how it solves many of the mystical properties of zero and infinity.

#4 - Chapters 7 - Infinity...

bulletDue before 10:59 pm on April 11th
bulletSummarize Chapters 7 - Infinity in a couple of paragraphs, then answer ONE of the following:

F. Explain the importance of any one of the "Physics of Zero" topics in Chapters 7 - Infinity
What do the topics of these final chapters have to do with the new Dark Matter and Dark Energy hypotheses?