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The history of Memorial House dates back to 1926, when St. Andrew's College moved from Toronto to this beautiful town of Aurora. When the school moved, this boarding house was established as a memorial to the Andreans who perished during the First and Second World Wars. Other houses were built as well, namely, Sifton (after Clifford Sifton, Canadian Minister of Interior), Flavelle (after Sir Joseph W. Flavelle, Chairman of the Imperial Munitions Board), and later on, MacDonald House (after the first Headmaster of St. Andrew's, Rev. Bruce MacDonald). These fine houses continue to decorate St. Andrew's campus today, although arguably Memorial House is a little more special than others because it shares its name with St. Andrew's main icon, Memorial Chapel, which was built in 1931.


Prior to 1962, Memorial House was occupied by the Grads, and so-called "the senior house". In 1976, the house celebrated its 50th anniversary, and it shows a total durability on its buildings and rooms. The Memorial building in 1926 has only a slight difference with the building five decades later. Rooms are refurnished overtime, the bricks were still the same, with changes in facilities as technology improves throughout the age. In the 1980s, Memorial housed 60 boarding students in grades 9 to 12. Later, in 1991, Bob and Ann Perrier took over the Housemaster and Assistant Housemaster position, where they have been fabulously leading this house for nineteen years and counting.


Today, Memorial has over thirty rooms, a pool and ping-pong table, a large Pat Hannan common room (named after a SAC Old Boy), an LCD TV, over twenty showers, and housed by over sixty boarding students from all over the world. It is a house with strong diversity and heritage, and hotel quality accommodation.


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