Macdonald House


Macdonald House, Residential Rules ‘Lite’ 2014 - 2015

Please refer to Parent & Student Handbook for all school policies


·         No writing on walls, ceilings or furnishings.

·         Furniture is to be left in present location

·         Posters must be hung on cork board and be appropriate to the mutual respect policies.

·         Heat producing appliances such as kettles, toasters, ovens, hot plates are not permitted in the rooms.

·         Televisions, air conditioners and large stereo units are not permitted in the rooms.

·         Rooms are not to be locked when occupied, but should be locked if empty

·         It is recommended that each student purchase their own ‘safe’ to keep in their rooms for valuables

·         Dayboys and Visitors in Residence

o   Other than family, visitors to the house MUST be entertained in the House’s common areas.

o   Day students are NOT permitted in the residence during the academic day, except common areas

Out-of-Bounds Areas (see Residential Handbook for list)

·         It is a serious breach of school regulations to be found in an ‘out-of-bounds’ area without permission

Daily Routines

·         All boarders must attend breakfast (7:15 am – 7:55 am on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and 7:15 – 8:10 am on Wednesday and Friday mornings for US students) and check in by signing the breakfast sheets. Signing in another student is a serious infraction and is subject to a ‘Tier One Gating’

·         Students are expected to attend all classes and chapel

o   The students family must inform the Housemaster, in advance, about planned absences (appointments etc)

o   Only the Health Center can excuse a boarding student from classes or chapel for being too ill. 

·         Study (6:45 – 8:30 pm from Monday – Thursday) is a sacred event in all houses. All efforts must be academic in nature. Infractions can result in disciplinary measures.  You must inform the Housemaster on duty in advance if you are missing study (e.g.  hockey practice or club activity)

·         MS students must lock their laptops up by the posted time

·         Bedtimes are set and students must be in rooms (teeth brushed and showered) by listed in room times:  9:30 for grades 6 & 7, 9:45 grade 8’s and 11:00 pm grade 9’s.  HC’s in rooms by 11:30 pm.

·         Extension of lights out (Late Lights) may be requested from the Housemaster or Resident Don.

·         After lights out there should be NO movement in the halls.  Night time wandering will not be tolerated.

Computer Usage

·         Only the school issued laptop is permitted

·         During and after study computers are not to be used for gaming, watching movies, browsing social networking sites etc.

·         Gaming is permitted from Monday to Thursday one hour before the start of study. On Saturday and Sunday from 2:00-3:00pm and 7:00-8:30pm in the Mac House Library.

House Leave

·         Students are liable to suspension (and in serious cases, dismissal) if they leave campus without authorization or breach the security system after in-rooms & lights out.

·         All boarding students must obtain permission from their Housemaster with parent notification when leaving campus:

o   During the school day or overnight

o   For a medical or personal appointment – let your Housemaster know!

·         Boarding students must make their Housemasters aware of their whereabouts at all times and MUST sign out of their House sign-out book EVERY time they step off campus to go into Aurora/Newmarket.

o   Students may sign out to St Andrew’s Village in Aurora after their sports/cadets commitments on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday. Students must be back 15 minutes before study.  NO leave after study – unless permission has been granted by the HM.

o   Students may sign out to Aurora/Newmarket for up to 3 hours, but must ensure that they return by prescribed times on Wednesday afternoon, Saturday and Sunday.

·         Special leave requests must be discussed with the Housemaster in advance for trips outside the Aurora/Newmarket area (ie Toronto).

·         Students must request weekend leave no later than Wednesday/Thursday night.  It is the student’s responsibility to have their parent and the host family contact the Housemaster granting permission for overnight leave before departure if they plan on staying at a friends house.

Food Delivery

·         Fast food delivery is not permitted in Macdonald House from Monday through Thursday inclusive

·         Fast food deliveries are permitted Friday-Sunday until 11 pm.  Any food delivery after ‘in-room’ time will not be accepted

·         All deliveries are to be made to the lobby of the residence and not individual rooms.

·         Mac Snack from Monday – Thursday, 8:30 – 9:00 pm in the Great Hall. 

·         SAC and Macdonald House is a ‘NUT SAFE’ community – that means do NOT bring any NUT products to SAC. 

Cell Phones

·         Cell phones may NOT be used during study or after lights out or during the school day.

Horseplay / Sports in Residence

·         No playing of sports of any type in a residence hallway or room (NO bouncing or throwing balls)

·         No violent horseplay in any part of the residence.

Laundry Etiquette

·         Do not remove clothes before a cycle is complete or throw clothes on the floor. It is unacceptable to leave your laundry in the laundry room for an extended period of time.

Health Centre

·         If you are not feeling well, please go to the Health Centre for assessment.  You cannot call your parents to pick you up until you have been seen by the Health Centre staff.  If there is no one present in the Health Centre, inform the Housemaster or Resident Don (or House Captain) and they will page the Health Centre.  Health Centre Paging Number  416-331-5808. 


·         There are lots of people around to help you.  If you need to talk to someone (i.e., bullying issue, feeling down, want some help with homework) you can talk to:  The Housemaster or Assistant Housemasters, Resident Dons, Advisor, any teacher, Health Centre staff,  Big Brother House Captain or Heads of House, RA’s.  We are here to help you get on track!  Cell phone numbers of your Housemasters:

                  Mr. David Galajda: 905.717.8769              Mr. Jeff LaForge: 905.751.8719 

                                                         Mr. Paul Totera:   905.751.9743


·         Get involved!  If you have suggestions for improving life in Macdonald House, inform your Mac House Council members or House Captains or join one of our committees! 


·         If there is an emergency repair issue, please call maintenance at 905-713-4480

Emergency Procedures

·         If the fire alarm is activated, please proceed behind Mac House to be checked in (close windows)

·         If the lockdown alarm is activated, lock your room door and remain in a secure location in your room


Director of Residentail Life:                              Mr. David Galajda at

Assistant Housemasters:                                   Mr. Jeff LaForge  at

                                                                                          Mr. Paul Totera at