Macdonald House


What do I bring with me to Macdonald House and other facts!

When you first arrive, you should bring with you all the clothing (and hangers) you require for school (jackets, ties and pressed shirts) as well as casual and recreational clothes (for sports and athletics).  If you plan on trying out for a school team (e.g., soccer - bring your soccer cleats) or bring any other specialized equipment you may require.  You will most likely have try-outs before the end of the week!  In addition, don't forget any recreational sports equipment you enjoy playing (e.g., squash & tennis racquets, football, roller blades, skateboard & helmet, etc.) - you will have plenty of time to relax and have some fun!  If you have a bike, a helmet is required!

Other clothing and items can be purchased at the Campus Shop, which is located in the 'Staunton Gallery'. 


Due to the nature of the residence, the following will not be permitted to be kept in your rooms: televisions, large stereo units, kettles, toasters, toaster ovens, irons, microwave ovens, hot pots and any other heat producing appliances. It is important that you understand that these represent "fire hazards".  You may bring a kettle and iron - but you may use them only in the downstairs "kitchen" area which is designed to handle the extra current.  Any items found in rooms will be confiscated by the Housemasters and returned at a later date.

Boys are permitted personal computer systems and small radio/stereo players. When using stereo systems, boys are expected to keep the sound down in their rooms by controlling the volume, closing the door or both. Repeated offenders will lose the privilege to have their stereo’s while in Macdonald House

Computer users will be asked to follow the "standards" as set in the Parent and Student Handbook. Students in their rooms may use computers during study. However, those who use computers to "chat" or play games during study or lights out will lose their computer privileges while in Macdonald House.

Fridge’s will only be allowed in a room if there is available space.  Please wait before you bring a fridge to see the amount of available space that you have.  You and your room mate(s) may also work out a deal to share fridge space!


Trunks, suitcases and other kinds of luggage must be stored in the trunk room due to fire and safety regulations.


Unfortunately, no amount of money is safe in the residence and there is no such thing as a good hiding spot. Therefore, we would encourage students to get a bank card and keep any money in your account. Students can then take their bank card to the 'Business Office' to swipe their card for money with the help of Mrs. Lamb.

If you do have some items which you would like to keep under lock and key, I would recommend that you purchase a "small storage safe" - many can be found at local stores for under $50.00. 


We simply do not have the room or facilities to allow boys to keep pets in the residence.

Telephones, Cell Phones and E-mail:

Residents are encouraged to keep in touch with family and friends and to this end are provided with telephones in the basement of the House. The "pay phone" number is (905) 727 – 0343.   Please do not call your son during "prep time" which runs from 6:40 pm until 8:30 p.m. on a daily basis (Monday - Thursday for Middle School students and Monday - Friday for Upper School students).  It may also be better to have your son call you on the pay phone, rather than you trying to reach him.  Through experience we have found that your son is often very busy and may be hard to get a hold of once study is over!

You may also choose to provide your son with a cell phone. Cell phones are to be locked away during the school day and may be used during free time but not during study. We would encourage students to put a code lock on their cell phones in order to prevent unauthorized use.

Every student will be issued their own e-mail address. We have found that this is one of the best ways to ensure of direct communication with your son as student’s are always checking their e-mail.

Linen Services:

Bed linen is provided by the school and we encourage students to use the school bed linen system because they are changed once per week. You will be advised of your scheduled day (Rooms 100 - 212 change sheets on Tuesday while rooms 213 - 315 change sheets on Thursdays). It is your responsibility to remove used sheets and the pillowcase from your bed on the appropriate day and place this linen in the bag provided in the hall. The cleaning staff will remake the beds which have had the linens removed.

Dry cleaning services, clothing repair and laundry services are also available, charges will appear on your account for these services. Dry cleaning pickup is on Tuesday with return scheduled for Thursday. Please speak with Mrs. Wiseman (located in the basement of the House) regarding your needs and requirements.

House Kitchen:

Located in the basement of the house is the Mac House Kitchen which has a fridge, some pop/juice machines and a microwave oven for your use.  In addition the electrical receptacles in this room are to be used if you have a kettle or other heat producing electrical appliance such as a clothes iron.   

Other Items to Bring:

- book bag

- personal hygiene kit

- shoe polish and a brush!

- comforter (for your bed)

- laundry bag


Director of Residentail Life:                              Mr. David Galajda at

Assistant Housemasters:                                   Mr. Jeff LaForge  at

                                                                                          Mr. Paul Totera at