Macdonald House


Parent Volunteers:

As you can see from the Macdonald House calendar, there are several outings in which parents are welcome to become involved.  Some parents may choose to become involved with Macdonald House through the 'Parents Guild' while others may wish to help out on Halloween (as a driver), before Christmas break (as a decorator or as a driver to the local tree farm) or during the weekends by having your son bring home another boarding student.  This is especially important during long weekends, when our international students may not have a place to stay or go.  We would encourage parents to get involved and contact us if you have any suggestions.   Please contact me and I will put you in touch with our Parents Guild Residential Director.



Director of Residentail Life:                              Mr. David Galajda at

Assistant Housemasters:                                   Mr. Jeff LaForge  at

                                                                                          Mr. Paul Totera at