Macdonald House


House Leadership:

Macdonald House Council Leadership Positions:

Macdonald House Council - a group of grade representatives who live in Macdonald House (who are not current Middle School Council Members) who will work with Macdonald House "House Captains", Heads of House and the Housemasters in order to contribute to boarding life in a positive and meaningful way. The Council members will be voted on by their peers and Macdonald House staff.

2 grade six representatives             Vote for two students in October

4 grade seven        "                              Vote for two students in June and two in October

4 grade eight           "                             Vote for two students in June and two in October

4 grade nine           "                              Vote for two students in June and two in October

Other Leadership Positions for Macdonald House Boarders:

Sports Committee

Extra-Curricular Committee

Environmental Committee

International Committee

Newsletter and Highlander Editors

Holiday Banquet Committee

PowerPoint Slide Show Committee

House Captains (Senior Student Leadership positions within Macdonald House):

House Captains:

Two terms of House Captains are chosen from boarding applicants in grades 11 and 12. The applicants are recommended by their current Housemasters and are interviewed at length for this important leadership position within the school. The role of the House Captain includes that of:

1.  College and House Leadership: Works with the Housemasters, Macdonald House council and Prefect Body providing House leadership. They must ensure that life at the College and in the House is a positive experience for all boarders.

2.  Student Affairs and Study: Organization of Macdonald House activities working in conjunction with the Macdonald House council, evening supervision of study, management of student time, being present in the House and nurturing younger boarders. Good House Captains have the following qualities: relates well to all age groups, is a mediator, an organizer and a liaison, is enthusiastic, is a good listener, gives his best in all aspects of College life - from the classroom to the sports field to the House, has good social skills, is honest, has a sense of responsibility, is dependable and reliable, is patient and likes working with kids!


Heads of Macdonald House (Senior Student Leadership Position):

Eligibility:  Students who have served a term as a “House Captain” and who are NOT elected as school PREFECTS would be eligible to APPLY for the position of Macdonald House Head of House.  Upon completing the application, each applicant would have a formal interview with the Housemasters of Macdonald House. 

Position:  Up to THREE students may be chosen as Macdonald House “Heads of House”.  Each Head of House would be granted a “single room” (304, 307 or 311) in Macdonald House.

 Job Description:

 1.      Serve as a liaison between the House Captains and Housemasters of Macdonald House and hold ONE scheduled meeting per month with the House Captains to discuss relevant House and student issues.

 2.      Serve a one year term in Macdonald House during their senior year of school, from September until June.

 3.      Work with the House Captains and Macdonald House Council to plan activities in Macdonald House.

 4.      Work and serve on leadership “sub-committees” (Social, Environmental, Peer Mentoring, Sports, etc.) in Macdonald House.

 5.      Establish a positive rapport with Macdonald House residents and serve as a role model to all students (from grade 6 students to House Captains).

 6.      Complete one weekly duty (every two to three weeks).  The weekly duty consists of: 

-         working with the Macdonald House Resident Don from 10:00 – 11:15 p.m. from Monday to Friday inclusive

-         during that same week on duty, work with the Macdonald House Duty Master during Friday study supervision to help residents with their study skills from 6:45 – 8:30 p.m.

-         complete one weekend duty every 15 weeks

-    attend regular House meetings and House activities

House Awards:

The King Memorial Trophy: Presented to the boy living in Macdonald House who most excels in studies, games, deportment and character.

The Edith Grant Memorial Trophy: Presented to the "New Boy" in Macdonald House who has shown the greatest improvement towards becoming the ideal Andrean.

The Ron MacMillan Memorial Trophy: Presented to the best athlete in Macdonald House in the senior division.

The Ladies Guild Macdonald House Athletic Trophy: Presented to the best athlete in Macdonald House in the junior division.

The Manny Cominsky Memorial Award: Presented to the boy in Macdonald House (voted by the his peers) who best contributes to House life and spirit.

The Macdonald House Gold, Silver & Bronze Medallion Awards:  In May, each Mac House resident can apply for a "unique" Macdonald House award.   To receive the award, students must acquire points in each Macdonald House category of MIND, BODY, HEART & SPIRIT.  The point system will be posted on-line.   However, unlike the awards above which are presented on Prize Day, Mac residents will be presented this award during the December Holiday Banquet (another unique Mac House event) in front of their parents and peers!



Director of Residentail Life:                              Mr. David Galajda at

Assistant Housemasters:                                   Mr. Jeff LaForge  at

                                                                                          Mr. Paul Totera at