Leadership module #4:  Solving a Problem



To solve any problem in the military we use a seven step process known as:


The Military Estimate




Step 1:     Confirm the Task and ask: "What is it that I am to do?"


Step 2:     Identify the Problem(s)


Step 3:   Determine the Critical Factors that will affect my thoughts while working out a solution


Step 4:    Develop Alternate Courses of Action (COA). Having more than one plan is essential.


Step 5:    Evaluate Courses of Action by carefully examining each plan to determine the strengths and



Step 6:    Determine the Best COA and adopt this plan.


Step 7:    Make Plan and Implement



Written Response Assignment:


You are in charge of a Duke of Edinburgh expedition that is currently on a canoe trip in 


 Algonquin Park. Your group consists of eight people: three seniors, four juniors and


 yourself. You have four canoes. The trip has gone along smoothly for the last two days and


 you have covered nearly forty kilometres. You are at the end of day three now and some


 members are complaining of sore arms and backs but otherwise up until now, all is well.


 Cpl Bloggins, on descending a steep rocky pass during a portage, caught his foot, fell


 driving a large hole through the side of his canoe and his ankle is in tremendous pain. You


are unsure to the extent of the injury however the ankle is starting to swell. You are 10 km


 away from the nearest help and nightfall is fast approaching. Cell phone reception in this


 area of the province is non existent.


Be sure to include all seven (7) steps of logical analysis in your answer. It is advised that you write a

 paragraph about each step of the Military Estimate. You are required to complete this assignment

 by 11:00 this evening. You are to submit your assignment to the following locations:


A) Turn-it-in.com


B) The Silver Star Submissions Conference.


**Please ensure that your name and platoon number is in the title of the file that

 you send to the conference.**