PO 130 Silver Star


Leadership Module #3


Recognize Service and Valour of Members of the Canadian Army




Use your laptop and the internet to answer the following questions:


        What is the highest Canadian award for bravery or valour? Note, this distinctive Canadian decoration or medal has never been awarded.  It has the same name as the previously issued  British award that was last issued to a Canadian in 1945.



        Identify a former resident of Aurora who received the above mentioned award in 1944.  He earned this award while serving as a Major in the Essex Scottish Regiment.  While not a graduate of SAC, he did serve as a reviewing officer for a number of our annual reviews.  The Royal Canadian Legion branch in Aurora is named after this famous Canadian.


        Captain Richard Brown, a St Andrew’s “old boy” was killed in action on 14 November 1917 just at the end of the infamous battle of Passchendaele. A shell exploded at the doorway of his dugout striking him in the head.  Just the year before, on 9 April 1917 during the battle of Vimy Ridge, he had been awarded the M.C. for bravery in action.  What do the letters M.C. stand for?



        Do a web search for the Canadian Virtual War Memorial. Bring up the site and when you get to their search page put in the requested information on Captain Brown.  When you bring up his file look at the pictures and other information.  Answer the question.  Where is Capt Brown buried?  Another “old boy”, Maurice “Mike” Malone,  is also buried in this cemetery. He was killed on 3 June 1916 while leading a charge.



        The Canadian Army was engaged in numerous battles in World War One.  List any four of these engagements.



        Following World War One the Canadian and Newfoundland governments erected a number of battlefield monuments in France and Belgium.  List any five of these 12 locations where the valour and sacrifice of Canadians and Newfoundlanders is remembered.





        Pine Street in Winnipeg, Manitoba was renamed Valour Road following the First World War.  Today all street signs on Valour Road bear a silhouette of World War One soldiers.  Why was this name change made?




        What structure did St. Andrew’s College build in the 1920s to commemorate or remember their old boys who were killed in World War One?



        In 1939 Canadians once again went to war.  This was truly a world war with Canadians fighting in numerous countries around the world.  Name five different countries where Canadians fought.



        Identify the Canadian city where the following memorials are located:


        The National Peacekeeping Memorial (often called Reconciliation).


        Tomb of the Unknown Canadian Soldier


        Korean Veteran’s National Wall of Remembrance


        48th Highlanders Regimental Memorial


        National War Memorial


        What is the symbol of Remembrance that Canadians wear every November?



        During the Korean War (1950-53) a Canadian regiment, the Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry were awarded the United States Presidential Citation for extreme bravery and sacrifice during a certain battle that held the line and prevented disaster from happening.  What is the name of this battle?




        During our recent combat operations in Afghanistan, many Canadians were killed in action. Bodies of our fallen warriors were airlifted to CFB Trenton and then driven to the coroner’s office in Toronto. In honour of these men and women, Highway 401 between Trenton, Ontario and Toronto was renamed. What was the new name for this stretch of highway?