Writing Diagnostic:

The Origins of your Name:


This assignment has been designed to allow you to write about something that you should all know relatively well....yourselves!  The objective is to write at least one page (typed and double spaced) on the origins of your first and last names.  This assignment is not for marks, but it is your first chance to impress me with your ability as a writer. I've listed some questions to consider while writing: 


        Where do your names come from (geographic location)? 

        What do the names mean?

        Do they have any cultural significance? 

        Why were they chosen specifically for you? 

        Do they have any *diminutive* forms that you use, like, or detest?  ie. Richard / Rich

        Do you have any nicknames deriving from your given names?


Be creative with your writing.  Feel free to use dictionaries, the internet, or any other resources that you may deem helpful; interviewing your family (especially parents) would be advised for this exercise.  Go ahead, give them a call; they probably want to hear from you anyway. Now you have the perfect excuse!