Writing Diagnostic:

One Wish 

This assignment has been designed to allow you to write freely about a fictional situation. The objective is to write at least one page (typed and double spaced) identifying the wish that you would make if there was a guarantee that it would be granted. Now, before you get too carried away with this, there are a few rules. 1) You can't wish for unlimited wishes. 2) You can't wish to be a genie that can create your own wishes. 3) You can't wish someone dead, for someone to fall in love with you, or to bring someone back from the dead. Other than those limitations, you are free to wish for whatever you most desire. This assignment is not for marks, but it is your first chance to impress me with your ability as a writer. I've listed some questions to consider before you write: 


        Is there something that you've always wanted?

        Will your wish help others?

        Will you wish for something tangible or will it be an abstract concept? 

        What does your choice of wish say about you as a person

        Would others respect your decision if they knew you had this power?

        Would you ask for advice before making your selection?


Be creative with your writing.  Feel free to use dictionaries, the internet, or any other resources that you may deem helpful. Feel free to ask your family and friends about this topic before getting started.


I wish you the best of luck with this task. Your paper is due next class.