Leadership Module #2 - Barriers to Success

Every person on the planet has encountered some kind of difficulty in their life. Everyone has had obstacles that stood in the way of their goals. Everyone has had barriers to success. The true test of a man's character is not how many problems he has encountered, but whether or not he has persevered. While each of the challenges that we faced were unique, the thing everyone has in common is that we overcame and conquered the problem. We are stronger people for having had to deal with these issues and it has enlightened our perspective toward the future.

Your assignment for Leadership Module #2 is to write a paper that is three paragraphs in length relating to an obstacle that you have overcome in your past.

The first paragraph should be at least four or five sentences in length and clearly identify:

WHAT was the barrier?

WHEN and WHERE did it occur?

WHO was involved in this important challenge in your life?

WHY was this the most significant obstacle that you had to face in your life?

The second paragraph should be at least twenty sentences in length and review in detail:

HOW you handled yourself during this difficult time?

WHAT you did in order to overcome the obstacle that stood in your way?

WHO you relied upon, if any, to succeed in conquering your barrier?

The third paragraph should be at least ten sentences in length and deeply reflect upon:

WHAT would you do differently if faced with the same obstacle today?

WHAT did you learn from the experience?

HOW did that experience change your perspective?

WHY you are proud of yourself for being able to conquer this barrier?

HOW you would advise other students to handle a similar problem in the future?

Please ensure that your assignment is completed and sent to:

A) the Silver Star Submissions Conference

B) Turn-it-in.com


Thanks for your cooperation and good luck.

- Mr. Ramon