The Pipes & Drums are the most visible and active unit in the #142 Highland Cadet Corps For nearly 90 years the band has been the musical heart of the Corps. It leads the Corps at the annual Church Parade in downtown Toronto, at the Headmasterís Parade on campus and at the Annual Cadet Inspection. Since 1997, the band has focused on musical quality as well as appearance. The repertoire has expanded and the band has gained appeal, performing in both the Toronto and the Aurora Santa Claus parades. 

Individual pipers are encouraged to perform at functions at the school or in the community and to enter piping competitions. Solo pipers who have achieved a minimum Level 3 Cadet piping status and who can tune their own drones are asked to perform at numerous community and private functions. Sometimes they are paid for their efforts; sometimes they accept community service hours required to graduate. St. Andrew's pipers perform at nearly 20 such events each year, including some for the Lieutenant Governor of Ontario.


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