David D. Stewart
Head, Department of History and Social Science
Housemaster, Flavelle House


Class# Date Period Topics Resources / Homework
1 Fri, 09 Sep 1 Canada in the 20th Century; Mind maps. Students need to complete mind maps for: Settlement of the West; First World War; The Great Depression; The Second World War; and, the Cold War.
2 Tue, 13 Sep 3 Review Mind Maps; Sir John A. Macdonald and Canada; the National Policy; the Opening of the West. HCO online (our text); review the settlement of the West and answers questions 1-4.
3 Mon, 19 Sep 1 Mini-Test based on homework questions 1-4; QOD: Who came to Canada and why?  Reviewed the National Policy; Clifford Sifton and Frank Oliver and Canada's racist immigration policies. Please complete questions 5-8 from the Unit 1 homework sheet.
4 Wed, 21 Sep 3 The Settlement of the West; Free Land, north of Edmonton!  Canada: A People's History: Silence and Whiteness.  Unit 1 Assignments reviewed. Please complete questions 9-12 from the Unit 1 Homework Sheet; also, begin working on the Unit 1 extension activity.
5 Fri, 23 Sep 1 Students need to let Mr. S. know which assignment they will be completing.  Reviewed Sifton's settlement in the West; the Manitoba School's Question. Continue to work on the Unit 1 activity.
6 Tue, 27 Sep 3 Watched "The Great Transformation" from Canada: A People's History; students were given time to work on their Unit 1 assignment. Please complete the Unit 1 activity.
7 Thu, 29 Sep 1 Unit 1 Extension Activity Due [GLC Eligible]; Watched the second part of "The Great Transformation".  
8 Mon, 03 Oct 3 Discussed the final questions from Unit 1; Canada enters the 20th Century.  An introduction to the First World War.  
9 Wed, 05 Oct 1 Canada and the Great War CTE exercise: "Reading Pictures"; Reg LeBrun and Passchendaele: "It's an awful thing being the last man left alive." Have a great Thanksgiving Weekend!
10 Tue, 11 Oct 3 The Coming of the Great War.  Group Exercise: What are the Main reasons for the Coming of the War; underlying and immediate causes in History. Review Sheet for Unit 1 Test distributed; Unit 1 projects returned. Begin the review for the Unit 1 Test.
11 Thu, 13 Oct 1 Students were given the first 20 min of class to study their Unit 1 questions; then, the class was broken into 4 study groups to further help enhance their understanding of the material; finally, the class came together for one last Q and A session. Prepare for the Unit 1 test.
12 Mon, 17 Oct 3 Unit 1 Test   
13 Wed, 19 Oct 1 Reviewed the major underlying causes of the Great War; looked at the coming of the War (June 28-Aug 4); Schlieffen Plan. Complete questions 1-5 from the Unit 2 Homework sheet.
14 Fri, 21 Oct 3 Unit 1 Tests returned; watched For King and Empire: Second Ypres.  
15 Tue, 25 Oct 1 QOD: Why did so many Canadians support this war?  Reviewed the origins of the war; the immediate cause; and, Germany's response. Complete questions 6-9 from the Unit 2 homework sheet.  I will be checking for homework completion.
16 Thu, 27 Oct 3 After the homework check, many students have neglected to get their work done.  We used this period to get caught up. Complete up to question 12 and there will be a homework quiz next class based on questions 1-12.
17 Mon, 31 Oct 1 Homework quiz #2; discussed mobilization and the Homefront; Sam Hughes and his organization of the First Contingent; Borden and the building of a navy and the War Measures Act; The Halifax Explosion (watched a portion of the CBC documentary on the subject).  
18 Wed, 02 Nov 3 Great War Scavenger Hunt!  Students paired up and scoured the campus to find examples of how SAC continues to remember the Great War. Please complete questions 13-16 from the Unit 2 worksheet.
19 Fri, 04 Nov 1 Canada's Baptism of Fire at Ypres (review) and the Battle of the Somme.  Students answered questions 12-16 on the board.  We discussed Life in the Trenches and the Battle of the Somme; watched a portion of Canada: A People's History: Ordeal By Fire. Please complete questions 17-20 from your Unit 2 worksheet.
20 Tue, 08 Nov 3 Students worked on their Unit questions.  
21 Thu, 10 Nov 1 In preparation for Tuesday's presentation, the class watched a portion of "Storming Juno", profiling Canada's attack on Juno Beach in 1944.  
22 Wed, 16 Nov 3 Mr. Stewart is away. Students are to watch For King and Empire: Slaughter in the Mud (DVD is in the PS3). They need to take notes on the documentary and send them to me at the conclusion of the class. Please complete questions 21-26 and prepare for a homework quiz next class.
23 Fri, 18 Nov 1 Homework Quiz based on questions 21-26. Introduced the Unit 2 Culminating Activity. Click HERE to view.  Students chose their partners for this activity.  They were given the class to begin their research. Homework Quiz based on questions 21-26.  
24 Tue, 22 Nov 3 Discussed the Battle for Vimy Ridge, 1917; briefly discussed the Russian Revolution and the impact that it had on the Western Front. Please complete questions 26-30 from the Unit 2 homework sheet.
25 Thu, 24 Nov 1 Shortened period; students were given an opportunity to work on their Great War Assignment.  
26 Mon, 28 Nov 3 Mr. S. is away.  Students are working on their Great War Assignment, which is due on Friday.  They can use the period to work on this assignment.  
27 Wed, 30 Nov 1 Work period.  
28 Fri, 02 Dec 3 Great War Assignment Due [GLC Eligible]; shortened period.  Completed watching "Storming Juno".  
29 Tue, 06 Dec 1 Discussed the "Montreal Massacre"; watched a portion of the documentary "City of Ruins" about the Halifax Explosion; completed the Unit 2 Questions: Canada's 100 Days; the End of the War; The Treaty of Versailles.  
30 Thu, 08 Dec 3 Reviewed the Treaty of Versailles; posted the Review Sheet for the upcoming Unit test.  
31 Mon, 12 Dec 1 Students were given the first portion of class to work on preparing for their test.  We used the second half of class to collaborate as a means of preparation for the test.  
32 Wed, 14 Dec 3 Review Period for the upcoming test.  
33 Fri, 16 Dec 1 Unit 2 Test  
34 Tue, 20 Dec 3 Final Day of Class before the Break!  
35 Tue, 10 Jan 1 Welcome to 2012!  Group collaboration to begin Unit 3.  Students, in new groups, will define their top 5 significant events of the Inter-War Period; in their new groups, we watched a portion of Canada: A People's History, 1919-1929.  
36 Thu, 12 Jan 3 Watched Part II of Canada: A People's History.  Afterward, the ISU was introduced and students were given an opportunity to do preliminary research in order to make an informed choice on their topic.  
37 Mon, 16 Jan 1 Students made their choices for their ISU topics.  The class then took a look at a variety of web sites pertaining to Canadian History.  We then discussed what makes a solid website and where to start ones research.  Students were given an opportunity to begin research of their topic. Students need to continue their research.
38 Wed, 18 Jan 3 Introduced the Unit 3 homework sheet; reinforced the expectations of the questions and classroom participation.  Students were given an opportunity to read "Strikes and Labour Disputes" from HCO and answer questions 1-4. Complete questions 1-4 from the Unit 3 worksheet for next class.
39 Fri, 20 Jan 1 Many students are absent b/c of the Civics exam.  Watched a portion of Canada: A People's History Hard Times (1929-1940). Please complete up to #6.
40 Tue, 24 Jan 3 The groups needs to divide the remaining questions amongst themselves.  Each group is responsible for several questions.  Students will be given an opportunity to complete some of the questions.  We will begin discussing Canada in the 1920s. Students need to complete their respective questions and share them amongst their group.  The group leader will compile the questions and redistribute them.
41 Thu, 26 Jan 1 Discussing the 1920s.  
42 Tue, 31 Jan 3 Mr. Stewart was absent.  Students were given time to research their ISUs.  
43 Thu, 02 Feb 1 No Class; students gone to the U of T.  
44 Mon, 06 Feb 3 1930s: A Review.  Discussed the ISU research notes assignment.  Review sheet posted for the Unit 3 Test.  
45 Wed, 08 Feb 1 Students are given class time to work on their ISU research notes.  
46 Fri, 10 Feb 3 Preliminary ISU Research Notes Due [GLC Eligible]  
47 Tue, 14 Feb 1 Unit 3 Crossword puzzle review!  Students were given some time to study for their test.  
48 Thu, 16 Feb 3 Unit 3 Test  
49 Wed, 22 Feb 1 Mr. Stewart is away.  Students have an opportunity to continue to research their ISU topic.  Please note that the ISU annotations are due on Mar. 1.  
50 Fri, 24 Feb 3 Overview of the ISU Annotations.  Expectations and rubric will be provided along with an exemplar.  
51 Tue, 28 Feb 1 Review the expectations of the Annotations one last time. Students will be given an opportunity to work on this assignment in class. Complete the annotations: 5 in total.
52 Thu, 01 Mar 3 Bring your annotation drafts; Students will work collaboratively in pairs on the annotations. Complete and polish the ISU annotations.
53 Mon, 05 Mar 1 ISU Annotated Bibliography Due [GLC Eligible]    
54 Wed, 07 Mar 3 World War II Apocalypse: Aggression.  Have a GREAT March Break.  
55 Tue, 27 Mar 1 Welcome Back!  We will be working on our Topic Sentences today. The students will be broken down into groups and will be working on their topic sentences. Please complete a rough draft of your thesis and outline; post it to a page in your OneNote notebook.
56 Thu, 29 Mar 3 Introduced proper citations methods.  Students were given an opportunity to work on their Topic Sentence and outlines.  Reviewed the rough drafts of those who had it completed. Complete your Topic Sentence and Outline; post to Turnitin.com.
57 Mon, 02 Apr 1 Students were given a review on proper citation with exemplars. They were then divided into groups and had to complete the "Footnoting and Bibliography" collaborative activity.

 Topic Sentence and Outline Due [GLC Eligible] 

Continue to work on the written portion of your ISU.
58 Wed, 04 Apr 3 Final review of proper citation; students had the remainder of the class to work together reviewing each other's work. Complete a rough draft of your ISU for peer editing.


59 Tue, 10 Apr 1 The class is broken down into pairs where they have an opportunity to peer edit each other's ISU.  Once completed, they have the remainder of the class to work on the edited work and ask further questions, if necessary. Complete your ISU!  Please bring a hard copy to be submitted during the first portion of class. 
60 Thu, 12 Apr 3 ISU Summative Essay Due [GLC Eligible].   Images of the Second Great War.  Students in their collaborative groups to research and choose 3 iconic images from the Second World War: Canada at War; Canada at Home; and, The Second World War.  The purpose was to see if they could choose the iconic images that I had already chosen.  Class ended with a lesson in the chaos of war: Medal of Honor. No homework this weekend.  Please continue to work on the summatives from your other courses.
61 Mon, 16 Apr 1 New Collaborative groups!  Students will begin to work on the Second Great War!  Class will begin with the groups creating mind maps of their knowledge of Canada's influence in WWII.  Then, we focus our attention to 1939-1941.  In the groups, the students will begin to work on an interactive timeline that looks at Canada and the Second World War.  They will look at the Political, Military and Social Aspects of the war.  HMWK questions:  Please provide a paragraph of information on the following topics (from HCO):

1. The Vimy Memorial

2. Causes for War

3. Mobilization

4. British Commonwealth Air Training Program.

62 Wed, 18 Apr 3 Homework Check!  Began our discussions with the Significance of Vimy; students viewed images of the monument and dissected its meaning.  Also, looked at other Great War monuments.  Why were the monuments after the Second World War not as "grand"? Watch the majority of Savage Christmas from the National Film Board site about the Battle for Hong Kong.  Should the Canadians been there?  Was defense hopeless?  Why?  What as the legacy of the war against Japan?
63 Fri, 20 Apr 1 The majority of students did not watch Savage Christmas, so we watched a portion of the video.  Afterward, we discussed the "controversy" of the video (What is controversial?). HMWK questions: Please provide a paragraph of information on the following topics (from HCO):

1. The Phony War

2. Dunkirk

3. USA Enters the War

4.Hong Kong and the Pacific

5. The Dieppe Raid

64 Tue, 24 Apr 3 Collaborative Critical thinking exercise: Reading a picture: groups will try to identify several pics from the war; unveiling of the Second World War culminating activity. HCO was down, so we will need to take up the topics next class. Please complete the HWWK from April 20.
65 Thu, 26 Apr 1 Reviewed the opening stages of the war; Germany invades Poland; Canada's reaction?  Also, we discussed Hitler's grasp on the people of Germany.  How did he get so popular? We had a solid discussion on elements of the Holocaust, as well. HMWK Topics:  Please provide a paragraph of information on the following topics:

1. Wartime production

     a) CD Howe, vehicles and aircraft

2.  Rationing and Controls

3.  Conscription

66 Mon, 30 Apr 3 Checkpoint: Mr. S. wants to see your progress on the Second World War collaborative activity.  Reviewed Dieppe, wartime production and Conscription.  Students are given time to work on the project.  
67 Wed, 02 May 1 Peer and self assessment re: project.  
68 Fri, 04 May 3 Project Due.  Students were given an opportunity to find a quiet spot on campus and rehearse their presentation.  
69 Tue, 08 May 1 Presentation Day!!!!  Good Luck. Please post your overviews to the conference.
70 Thu, 10 May 3 Overview of the Second World War.   Watched a portion of Storming Juno.  
71 Mon, 14 May 1 The final days of the War; Discussed the Holocaust: reviewed Persecution, Ghettoization and Extermination.  We looked at a map of Germany and Poland and discussed the difference between a concentration camp and the camps produced after the Wannsee Conference.  "Vernichtungslager".  
72 Wed, 16 May 3 We divided the Unit 5 sections among the groups in the class; each student was given 2 sections (Pages) to complete over the long weekend.  Students are asked to make notes on their pages to share with their respective groups. Please complete the notes from the Unit 5 sections.
73 Tue, 22 May 1 Students shared the most significant moments from 1950-1980, including the Korean War, Canada as a Middle Power, Lester Pearson, The FLQ Crisis and Pierre Trudeau. Review Unit 4 material for the short OPEN BOOK quiz.
74 Thu, 24 May 3 Shortened Class: Open Book Quiz!!!!  
75 Mon, 28 May 1    
76 Wed, 30 May 3    

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