Queen's University Enrichment Mini-Course Program

The E=MC2 Program at Queen's University provides gifted and highly motivated secondary school students with the opportunity to study a subject of their choosing at an advanced level for one week.  The program provides participants with a challenging alternative learning experience at one of Canada's leading post-secondary institutions.  Students participating in the residence package live and study on the Queen's University campus, providing them with a true flavour of a university experience.

Since 2001, six S.A.C. students per year have gone to Kingston for this spring program, enrolling in courses like PERL Programming, Hands-On Pathology, Engineering, Say Si to Spanish, Aquatic Biology, Musical Theatre, Journalism, Astronomy, Rehabilitation Therapy and Commerce.  For more information on the program, visit the Enrichment web site at Queen's University.

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May 2003 Participants

May 2002 Participants

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