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Biology 12
Class# Date Topics Resources / Homework
1 Fri, 09 Sep  The Scientific Method and Things I Need to Know in Biology


Notes posted on the First Class Conference.

The Scientific Method Song


2 Tue, 13 Sep Who was Charles Darwin?  Video. Who was Charles Darwin?  Use our FC conference to answer that and many other questions this unit!

INSTRUCTIONS on CMC conferencing posted on our FC Course Conference.

Please keep up to date in the CMC conferencing.

3 Mon, 19 Sep Great Transformations Video Posts due within 24 hours after the last video.

If you miss an in-class video, please go to YOU TUBE or our school library.  Each video also has links on the PBS EVOLUTION Website:



4 Wed, 21 Sep The Steps of the Scientific Method

Dependent and Independent Variables

Perform and Design Lab - Indirect/Direct Contact Bacterial Lab

Set-up ONENOTE notebook in shared folder.

Add lab to ONENOTE notebook.


5 Fri, 23 Sep Lab Observations.

Streak Plate Technique.

6 Tue, 27 Sep Make slides of the following:  Gram Stain bacteria (from Streak Plate), human cheek cells (fixed) and wet-mount of plant cells (onion or celery).

Photograph cells - put in ONENOTE lab section.

7 Thu, 29 Sep Review of cell structure and function for animal cells, plant cells, bacterial cells and for viruses. Animation Reviews:




Freeze Fracture/Freeze Etch

Facilitated Diffusion

Sodium Potassium Pump Animation

Receptors Linked to a Channel Protein


8 Mon, 03 Oct AP Lab #1 - Diffusion and Osmosis Lab Due in ONENOTE shared notebook by Wednesday, Oct. 12th.



9 Wed, 05 Oct NBL - iclicker (review of grade 11 material)

Part E of AP Lab #1.

Things to Review on BIOCOACH:


Cell Structure and Function

Biomembranes I: Membrane Structure and Transport

Biomembranes II: Membrane Dynamics and Communication


10 Tue, 11 Oct NBL - iclicker (review of grade 11 material)


Bonding, Functional Groups and Reaction Types.

 Building Biomolecules

Properties of Biomolecules


Basic Chemistry Review

Atomic Structure Overview and Isotopes


What is a medical isotope?

Nuclear Medicine

Bone Scan

Ionic Bond

Covalent Bond

REDOX Reactions

Reaction Types Song


11 Thu, 13 Oct iclicker

Identification of Macromolecules Lab.

Lab due at end of class in ONENOTE notebook.
12 Mon, 17 Oct iclicker

Types of Macromolecules.


13 Wed, 19 Oct iclicker

Prep for AP Lab #2 - Enzymes

14 Fri, 21 Oct AP Lab #2 - Enzymes http://phschool.com/science/biology_place/labbench/lab2/intro.html

Lab due on Tuesday, Oct. 25 in ONENOTE notebook.

15 Tue, 25 Oct iclicker

Finish Biochemistry.

Start BioEnergetics Unit.

16 Thu, 27 Oct UNIT TEST - Biochemistry  
17 Mon, 31 Oct Cell Respiration and the Structure of the Mitochondrion

TV Ontario video, each and every class



and download the AUTHORWARE!

Cell Respiration  Glycolysis - Video #1 & #2 in class

Click on the GLYCOLYSIS interactive demo at:




Review Cell Structure on your own on BIOCOACH (grade 11 review)


Cell Respiration:





18 Wed, 02 Nov Cell Respiration continued.....



  Kreb's Cycle:  



download 'Authorware' for the above interactive demo!

Kreb's Cycle video 

19 Fri, 04 Nov   

Cell Respiration and Photosynthesis Review

 In order to understand these units, you MUST understand the structure of the mitochondria and chloroplast! 


BRING iclickers to class! 


20 Tue, 08 Nov Animations:


Metabolism of other Molecules - BUZZ WORDS!  http://www.faqs.org/nutrition/Met-Obe/Metabolism.html

Great review chart:  http://www.elmhurst.edu/~chm/vchembook/5900verviewmet.html

Protein metabolism:


Fatty Acid Metabolism:







Mitochondrial Diseases:






21 Thu, 10 Nov iclicker quiz on Kreb's Cycle ONLY


Laws of Thermodynamics in Biology








How Muscle Contracts:








The Eve Hypothesis:








Thermodynamics Video:




22 Wed, 16 Nov  


Cell Respiration - AP Lab!

iclicker quiz on ETC Only!


AP Lab on Cell Respiration


23 Fri, 18 Nov Review of Thermodynamics and ATP and the entire unit.



24 Tue, 22 Nov Unit Test - Cell Respiration & Bioenergetics



25 Thu, 24 Nov Photosynthesis - The Nature of Light








In-class notes and video on photosynthesis - see also the following websites:



Taylor University



Review Plant Structure at BIOCOACH - see my powerpoint for Plant Hormone review for the test!  Powerpoint posted on First Class Course Conference and on ONENOTE CLASS NOTES.




26 Mon, 28 Nov Photosynthesis - Photosystems - The Light Reactions  
27 Wed, 30 Nov Photosynthesis - The Dark Reactions - AP Lab #4 - Plant Pigments & Photosynthesis - complete Part A




28 Fri, 02 Dec Photosynthesis - The Dark Reactions



29 Tue, 06 Dec Review Class.  KNOW the difference between a C3 vs. C4 plant (video) and be able to describe PHOTORESPIRATION

Review Light and Dark Reactions!


Great Websites to Review:

http://www.uic.edu/classes/bios/bios100/lectures/ps01.htm  Great review website with PHOTORESPIRATION animation

http://plantphys.info/plant_physiology/photoresp.shtml  What is photorespiration

Germination review:http://www.botanical-online.com/llavorangles.htm#cotyledons

Types of cells in XYLEM AND PHLOEM:http://media-2.web.britannica.com/eb-media/02/5602-004-2C2C2DD3.gif


30 Thu, 08 Dec Unit Test - Photosynthesis and the Nature of Light  
31 Mon, 12 Dec AP Lab #4 - Part B - Photosynthesis - complete Part B  
32 Wed, 14 Dec Review Grade 11 material on Plants  
33 Fri, 16 Dec AP Lab #9 - Transpiration http://phschool.com/science/biology_place/labbench/lab9/intro.html



34 Tue, 20 Dec Unit Test  -  Plants and Photosynthesis - Open Study Notes Test  
35 Tue, 10 Jan Genetics - Review of Grade 11!  Please refer to ONENOTE NOTES! Interactive demos:












36 Thu, 12 Jan iclicker

AP Lab on Mitosis and Meiosis:


37 Mon, 16 Jan  



Genetic Problems - In class problem solving - assignment mark.

AP Lab - Genetics of Organisms - Fruit Fly Genetic Crosses begin...


38 Wed, 18 Jan Collaborative Learning Genetic Problems and MINI TEST - Mitosis and Meosis  
39 Fri, 20 Jan  


Fruit Flies and Genetic Problem Solving Collaborative Learning....

40 Tue, 24 Jan Mini Test - Genetic Problems...15 min.


History of DNA




Good websites to reference:

http://www.johnkyrk.com/index.html - great interactive models

http://www2.uah.es/biomodel/en/model4/dna/index.htm - DNA 3-D

http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/nova/photo51/ - Franklin's famous photo

http://biology.clc.uc.edu/courses/bio104/dna.htm - history of DNA


DNA structure on Biocoach above!

41 Thu, 26 Jan DNA Replication and ground breaking DNA experiments

Telomeres - in the news big time!




Meselson & Stahl Experiment animation

DNA Replication

DNA Replication - explanation

DNA Replication

Hersey-Chase Animation

Telomeres  (for homework assignment)

Telomerase Animation

42 Tue, 31 Jan Transcription and Translation

The Lac Operon

Control of Gene Expression





Transcription/Translation - see links below!

Transcription Animation

Transcription Animation

Translation - the movie

Translation Animation

The Lac Operon - explanation

Operon Animation

Operon Animation

The Trp Operon - explanation

Control of Gene Expression - explanation

Great DNA Replication Review:  http://www.wiley.com/college/pratt/0471393878/student/animations/dna_replication/index.html

Control of Gene Expression Animation:  http://biology-animations.blogspot.com/2008/01/control-of-gene-expression-animation.html



43 Thu, 02 Feb DNA Fingerprinting!










Electrophoresis, DNA Technology, Cloning and RFLP! 

DNA Fingerprinting

Make notes on the following - I will ask to see your notes next class - please hand-write your notes (one page maximum): 

Go to:  http://www.bioteach.ubc.ca/MolecularBiology/DNAfingerprint/  to review DNA fingerprinting 

Quickly review gel electrophoresis at this site:  http://www.bioteach.ubc.ca/MolecularBiology/IdentifyingDNA/index.htm 

In the middle of the article, you are asked to solve a crime - do that via DNA fingerprinting:  http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/nova/sheppard/analyze.html 

Go to http://www.bioteach.ubc.ca/MolecularBiology/PolymeraseChainReaction/index.htm  to understand what a PCR is and when/why it would be used. 

What is a Southern Blot (you preformed it) - http://www.bioteach.ubc.ca/MolecularBiology/IdentifyingDNA/index.htm

 Finally, walk through the interactive three cases of DNA Detective - can you solve the crimes using DNA technology?  http://www.dnalc.org/ddnalc/resources/shockwave/dnadetective.html

DNA Fingerprinting Animation Explanation

DNA Animations - Great Review Site!


44 Mon, 06 Feb AP Lab Fingerprinting




AP Lab - DNA Fingerprinting!


45 Wed, 08 Feb DNA Fingerprinting



Review Class:

Review DNA Fingerprinting with Video - DNA Crime Scene and review VNTR's and RFLP's

Lab prep on DNA fingerprinting: http://www.phschool.com/science/biology_place/labbench/lab6/intro.html

KNOW the following terms and how they are used:




Check out this PCR video!

Southern Blot

Northern Blot

Western Blot

Restriction Enzymes

Restriction endonucleases


restriction sites


- ensure your gel is complete and you have photographed it

- go the LABBENCH at http://phschool.com/science/biology_place/labbench/lab6/analysis2.html

- walk through the LABBENCH and follow the instructions for GRAPHING your results on SEMI-LOG paper

- this shows you how to do it quite nicely http://phschool.com/science/biology_place/labbench/lab6/standcur.html

- make the STANDARD CURVE with your known markers http://phschool.com/science/biology_place/labbench/lab6/hindcurv.html and then graph your CRIME SCENE results

- based on that curve, you should be able to size the fragments http://phschool.com/science/biology_place/labbench/lab6/praprob1.html

- GO TO COURSE BIO CONFERENCE and download lab booklet

- complete pages 34, 36 and the table on page 43, semi-log graph (45) and page 46.....all pertain to the above

- please have done for next class in your ONE NOTE lab manual under AP lab #6

46 Fri, 10 Feb AP Lab - Biotechnology - TRANSFORMATION and Bacteria



1. Review Lab and look at results

2. Create a DNA Fingerprint case: http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/nova/teachers/body/create-dna-fingerprint.html


3. DNA website - REVIEW the first section - http://www.dnai.org/d/index.html    HUMAN IDENTIFICATION and go over three cases: family, murder and innocence - DISCUSS on-line FIRST CLASS CONFERENCE (CMC mark is back)....start this weekend and join the discussion...

4. Watch VIDEO - "The Killer's Trail" http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/nova/teachers/body/forensic-dna-analysis.html 

5. Various BLOTS (make a note on the three types) http://www.scq.ubc.ca/identifying-dna-rna-and-proteins-the-blots/ 

6. What is PCR: http://www.scq.ubc.ca/polymerase-chain-reaction/    (make notes) More on PCR found here: http://www.dnalc.org/resources/spotlight/index.html  

7. Watch PCR video - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x5yPkxCLads  

8. Lab prep - TRANSFORMATION next class - http://phschool.com/science/biology_place/labbench/lab6/concepts1.html 

47 Tue, 14 Feb AP Lab - Biotechnology - TRANSFORMATION and Bacteria 



EPIGENETICS and Lac Operon




http://www.time.com/time/health/article/0,8599,1951968,00.html  Epigenetics Article

Growing Organs in the lab:  http://singularityhub.com/2009/06/08/growing-organs-in-the-lab/



48 Thu, 16 Feb Gene Mutations








Point Mutations



49 Wed, 22 Feb REVIEW CLASS




50 Fri, 24 Feb UNIT TEST - DNA  
51 Tue, 28 Feb Video - What Darwin Never Knew http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/nova/evolution/


52 Thu, 01 Mar Video - What Darwin Never Knew  
53 Mon, 05 Mar Lab - Natural Selection and Biological Mimicry

Assignment Posted on Biology First Class Conference

Due on Wednesday, March 7th
54 Wed, 07 Mar AP Lab #8 - Population Genetics


Bring a calculator to class!

Due - in class
55 Tue, 27 Mar  Ecology - Lecture and Ecology Terms Notes The Faceless Ones video and notes

Bio Goes Artsy!  Refer to ONENOTE notes for

rubric and assignment




56 Thu, 29 Mar  Ecology - Lecture and Notes Video - The Lorax



57 Mon, 02 Apr World Population Growth 20/80 and 80/20 Video - World Population Growth

World Population Clock

Population Histograms


58 Wed, 04 Apr World Population Growth The Tragedy of the Commons
59 Tue, 10 Apr

Complete Ecology

Global Warming, Ozone Crisis and Acid Rain
60 Thu, 12 Apr Review Class for U of T - download review PPT


61 Mon, 16 Apr Review Class for U of T  
62 Wed, 18 Apr Review Class for U of T  
63 Fri, 20 Apr Review Class for U of T  
64 Tue, 24 Apr Review Class for U of T....  
65 Thu, 26 Apr U of T Summative Exam!


Meet in MSRR at 2:00 pm, after period 3!


66 Mon, 30 Apr  


Aquatic Ecosystems

AP Lab #12 - Dissolved Oxygen and Primary Productivity



New Lab info - see First class conference....


67 Wed, 02 May Work on lab/Song/Poem - due next Tuesday, May 8th at start of class  
68 Fri, 04 May Work on lab/song/poem - both due next Tuesday, May 8th  
69 Tue, 08 May Video due during class.


70 Thu, 10 May Part B Exam Questions - posted  
71 Mon, 14 May Exam review - First Class Conference
72 Wed, 16 May Work on Exam Review  
73 Tue, 22 May Exam Review  
74 Thu, 24 May Exam Review  
75 Mon, 28 May Exam Review  
76 Wed, 30 May Review for Final Exam  

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