Duke of Edinburgh's Award On-Line Record Book

Participant Name                            Award Level               

Start Date                                    Completion Date   

Direct Entry               

Part 1 - Community Service

 Date                                 No. of Hours                    Location of Service            Type of Service


Name and email address of Principal Assessor 

Total Hours                         (minimum 15 hrs for Bronze Award)

Served over 6 months        Yes


Part 2 - Adventurous Journey

a. Preliminary Training

Subject                                           Date Completed             Trainer/Assessor

a. Emergency Planning                     
b. First Aid                                      
c. Map Reading                               
d. Compass Skills                            
e. Wilderness Code                         
f. Menu planning                              
g. Equipment knowledge                  
h. Site selection                               
i. Other appropriate training             

b. Practice Journey





Trip Leader/Assessor   

c. Qualifying Journey




Date                 Duration   (# of days/nights)

Distance travelled (+/- 25 kms)              

Mode of Travel   (hike, canoe etc)         

Trip Leader/Assessor Name and Email   

Please note:
a. Your Trip Leader/Assessor will be contacted to provide a brief report on your role in the expedition.
b. The Bronze Trip must be a minimum of two days and one overnight.


Part 3 Skill (Hobby or Special Interest)

Date Started                    Date Completed    

Describe Activity

Assessor Name and Email       

Part 4 Physical Fitness and Recreation

Date Started         

Date Completed    minimum 15 weeks/ 2 hours per week for Bronze

Activity (ies)         

Assessors Name and Email