Major Brian McCue

Corps Commanding Officer

Drum Instructor


   Drumming Sound Files

   Bass Drum Score

   Snare Tutor Book One

   Snare Tutor Book Two

   Hot Off the Press - band rep

   Top Secret 2 - music and audio

Musical Dots game





Duke of Edinburgh E-Journal

Class Daybooks and Information:

AMU10- Drumming Grade 9

AMU20 - Drumming Gr 10

AMU30 - Drumming Gr 11

AMU40 - Drumming G12

Music-Theory.pdf  Music Theory Textbook

Class Survey

Student Feedback Grade 9

Student Feedback Drum Corps

AMR Testing and Cadet Drumming Levels

Performance Test Rubric

         142 SAC Highland Cadet Corps

Gold Star Daybook