A Brief History of "Kilby":

All file servers at St. Andrew's College are named after important historical figures from the field of Computers. The name of this server, Kilby, was selected to honour Jack Kilby the co-inventor of the Integrated Circuit (IC).

This server first came online in August, 1998.

2005 Site Re-Development:

Iain Myrans ('00), July-August 2005.

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Leslie Wong ('99)
Adrian Chan ('00)
Iain Myrans ('00) -- Site Redesign/2002
Kevin Fullerton ('02) & Roger Kim ('02)
Kent Yeung ('03)
Iain Myrans ('00) -- Site Redesign/2005

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Stephen Kimmerer
Iain Myrans ('00)
SAC Review Photographers
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SAC Admissions & Advancement

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