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Lego Mindstorms at S.A.C.

Australia, China, Japan, UK., North America, and now St. Andrew’s College.  Yes, Lego Mindstorms has arrived at SAC.  A few years ago the Gr. 10 computer students were introduced to Lego Mindstorms.  It is a construction set that allows students to build autonomous robots and program them using a very student friendly language.  The system was designed in the mid 1990’s in collaboration with MIT.  Since then it has spread across the globe and is used by several Universities as part of their engineering program. 

Here at SAC, the Gr. 10 students are honing their programming skills by creating Lego vehicles that autonomously perform prescribed tasks including navigating a model mountain containing various obstacles.   It is not uncommon to hear, “Wow this is cool”, as students design, build, and program their robots.  Many Gr. 11 and Gr. 12 students have caught the building-bug too and are currently designing robots to autonomously play soccer.  They hope to compete in the next RoboCup Jr. competition.


The game field is 4 ft. by 6 ft. and contains two craters with mini-basketballs near them.  It also has a path leading up a 1 1/2 ft. high mountainside.  Robots start on the X and use black tape markings on the field and infrared sensors to guide them to various positions on the field.