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Past Upper School Clan Events

Spring Smash Relay Competition
The second of the two Spring Smash warm up events was a house relay on the Yiill Family field. The teams were made of a member from each grade in the house with the anchor leg run by the Housemaster. It was certainly a spirited affair but the speed and depth of Sifton's team, anchored by their Housemaster Mr. Ramon, was too much for the others. They ultimately cruised to the win followed by Perrier and Memorial.


Spring Smash 3 Point Shooting Competition
To kick off finish our second last Spring Smash fundraising week, the McEwen Leadership Program hosted a Inter-House 3 point shooting competition in the Bedard gym. It was a spirited affair, but Owen Hollett of Ramsey House ultmately pulled ahead of the rest after sinking 6 straight 3 pointers and scoring on 11 of his 15 shots. Leo Li of Memorial secured second place scoring on 9 of 15 of his shots, and Mario Vasquez for Flavelle earned 3rd place in a "shoot-off". With limited events left, it seems that one of the boarding houses has locked up the Housser Cup; the question will be which one....


Best Company Challenge - Brian G. Armstrong Award
The culmination of our cadet season is our Annual Inspection. Up to this point, cadets have been working diligently on their drill to be perfect for this event. This year, a day company, Ramsey / Perrier Company was named best company by the Maj. McCue and his senior Cadet Leadership Team. This marks the second time time in 2 years that a non-Boarding Hose company has secured this prestigious award.



SAC Spring Highland Games - Truck Pull
On Apr. 27th, the US participated in a Spring AC Highland Games competition which featured two events. In the first event, the 4500lb truck pull, teams of 4 students and their Housemaster were asked to pull a pickup truck which had 6 of their housemates in the back. Flavelle house was able to cruise down the 35yd track and earn the victory closely followed by Sifton and Memorial House.



SAC Spring Highland Games - Caber Toss
In the second event, of the highland games, students competed in a Caber Toss Competition. Only two competitors advanced to the final round having successfully tossed the 85lb, 10ft. long caber. In the finals, Gabe Wallace (Flavelle Clan) was able to throw a perfect (12:00) caber. Dalton Lehman (Perrier House / Craig Clan) also successfully completed his throw but it was only (11:30). As such, Gabe secured the victory for Flavelle House and a Sweep of the Highland Events.






February Clan Floor-ball Championships
On Feb. 9th, the Upper School took a break to compete in a full school floorball competition. Grade 9 and 10 teams took to the floor in Yuill Gym, and from the outset it seemed that Macdonald House and Flavelle were the teams to beat as they dominated their first few games. Ultimately, these teams met in the finals, and in a back-and-forth affair, Macdonald was able to edge out Flavelle by a score of 3-2. In the Bedard gym, the competition between senior (Grade 11 and 12) house teams was intense. Ultimately, however, Ramsey's team (made largely of top grade 10 student hockey players) was able to upset the perennial powerhouse from Memorial in an action packed game. Congratulations to all teams!


Interhouse Math Competition
As part of our February "Spirit Day", top mathematicians from each house competed in a contest hosted by our resident Math Don, Ms. Emily Whitten. The competitions were given one hour to solve a number of challenging problems, and the winner was the team that was able to earn the most amount of points for their answer. The team from Flavelle, led by top math students Ben Ding, cruised to an easy victory earning 140 of a possible 150 points. In Second, 7 points behind was the team from Sifton followed by Perrier.


NHL 2K18 McPherson Inter-House Tourney
To recognize McPherson Tournament week, the Outreach Council hosted their annual NHL2K18 tournament. All eyes were on the tournament favorite, Cole Galata from Laidlaw House, as he was revered as one of the top online NHL PS4 Players on the PS4 Network. Without question, the hype was real. Cole cruised to the the championship outscoring his opponents 13-4 through three games. In second, was NHL 2K18 newcomer and crowd favorite Kevin Desautels (Macdonald House). Laidlaw moved closer "to the pack" with the win, but Laidlaw still has a lot of work to do to make up ground on the boarding houses. The next event on Feb. 9th will be a significant one, however, and give all teams plenty of opportunity to move up in the standings, regardless of their current position.


January Clan BBall Festival
On Jan 12, the Upper School celebrated Basketball at St. Andrew's by hosting 3 Basketball Clan Competitions. In the Yuill Gym, Junior teams (Gr. 9 and 10) from each house battled on the hardwood for 3-on-3 supremacy, and the seniors (Grade 11 and 12's) did the same in the Bedard Gym. In Ketchum Auditorium, representatives from each house competed in a PS4 NBA 2K18 tournament on a 50 foot projected screen with full surround sound. Every event proved to be very competitive, and in the end, Laidlaw (Perrier Clan), Ramsey (Ramsay Clan), and Memorial (Buchanan Clan) ultimately won the Junior, Senior, and PS4 championships respectively. A great showing by the Day Houses significantly closed the gap between them and the Boarding Houses. Ramsey, in particular, had a great day as their success in all three tournaments helped them jump two spots in the overall standings . Congratulations to all teams for an incredible tournament, and thanks to all of the spectators who came out to support their Housemates!


Movember Clan Competition
SAC once again had an amazing Movember campaign, raising $14,782 for Men's Health research. This year, two Movember events pitted Clans against one another in a friendly challenge. The first one was a fundraising challenge where houses were awarded points by their ability to raise money for this cause, and second, a Instagram Challenge where Mo-participants would post pictures of their House Mo-group on Instagram, and ultimately compete against other houses in a friendly bracket for "likes". Congratulations to Smith House (Chattan Clan) for winning the Instagram bracket, and to Perrier House who raised the most money for charity (an incredible $4,053)!


Inter House Dodgeball Championship
It was a frenzied battle of whizzing dodge balls in the Bedard Gym on Thursday, Nov. 23rd, as all of the US houses met to determine the top dodge ball house in the Upper school. Houses were pitted based on current clan ranking, and some stunning upsets in the first round saw only the boarding houses make it through to the second round. Ultimately, however, Flavelle and Memorial squared off in the final. In a back-and-forth affair, ultimately Flavelle prevailed, and was crowned the Inter House Dodge Ball Champion for 2018.


The First Annual Inter House Trivia Competition
All of the top trivia masters from each house converged in Ketchum Auditorium on Thursday, Nov. 23rd for the first annual US Trivia Challenge. Dr. Joiner led the group in 4 rounds of fast paced action with questions ranging from historical events to science and astrophysics. The competition was tight, but in the end, the team of Michael Kurp and Stephen Du pulled ahead of Memorial (Massimo Giarusso and Axel Rivera) to earn the victory. Perrier mounted a late charge to move up the leader board an finish in 3rd place. Congratulations to all competitors, and many thanks to Dr. Joiner and all of the students who came out to support their teams! Click here for a link to the final point standings from the event.


The Annual HM Halloween Competition
The Housemasters of all of the houses squared off on Oct. 31th for the fourth annual HM Halloween Costume Competition. A lot of creativity went into this years costumes, but ultimately, it was the effort of Mr. Fraser Shoemaker as Tony D'Amato (Al Pacino)performing a stirring rendition the speech from"Any Given Sunday" which earned Macdonald house (MacDonald Clan) the win. Ms. Lu's, Mr. Jaekel's, and Mr. Ramon's Star Wars battle scene, earned Sifton (Stewart Clan) second place, and Perrier's HM, Mr. Gilroy (Craig Clan) as Archie Andrews from Riverdale rounded off the top three.

In addition, points were given out to the top costumes. Mario Vasquez from Flavelle earned 40 bonus points for MacPherson Clan for winning the student competition as "Magic Mario". Second was the Syncro Team (various Houses) who shared the second bonus of 30 points, and third was Mikey Bahen (Perrier) and Graham Stanley Paul (Macdonald) who shared 10 points for dressing up as King Arthur and Patsy from the Holy Grail.


The Annual Inter-house Soccer Tournament
On Friday, Oct. 20th, the entire Upper School celebrated our first "Clan Day" and our unofficial "Summer in Fall" event on the Yuill Family Field. In addition to the ice cream trucks, and the music provided by our resident DJ, Ricardo Hajj, every house participated in an Inter House Soccer Tournament. The competition was fierce, with many games being decided by one goal or less. In the end, however, the championship came down to two talented teams from Sifton and Memorial. In this game Memorial battle hard, but Sifton's attack was simply too much. With a 2-1 victory, Sifton captured the 2017 Inter-house Soccer Crown! Congratulation to all teams, and thanked to the Competition and Spirit Council who organized the event. Click here to see the bracket / game scores.


The PS4 Madden Inter-House Tournament
For the past few weeks, representatives from each clan have been battling one another on the virtual gridiron for house glory. The final match came down to the representative from Perrier House / Craig Clan (Mark Polemidiotis) against Sifton House / Stewart Clan (Alex Ross). Without question, Mark came to play. Mark relentless defense reeling, and never let Alex get into the game. In the end, Mark won handily by a final score of 28-0 on the strength of 4 interceptions, including 3 pick-6's. Huge thanks to the Madden fans who sold out M34 for every match. The atmosphere was electric.


The 114th Annual Cross Country Run
The Annual cross country run is one of the longest standing traditions at SAC going back to 1903. The winner of the race earns the coveted Wallace Cup which has only been awarded to 62 different students in the 118 year history of the school. The Upper School run was won by Jack Bar (Ramsay Clan) this year, followed by Chris Marton (Robertson Clan). In the Middle School run, a fantastic performance by  Nathaniel Bannister (Bruce) earned him the win and a the Olympic Medal Plaque.

The US house places were determined by an algorithm that took into account the percentage of the house participating, the overall average placing, and and the normalized average of the top and bottom finishers in the house. In the end, Stewart was the clear winner of the, followed closely by Laidlaw (Robertson). Flavelle and Memorial finished in 3rd and 4th place respectively, separated by only a couple of placings. Congratulations to all competitors for a fantastic race.


The Annual Shad Boat Race and Boat Design Challenge
In the  5th Annual Shad Race, students from each clan battled along a 100m stretch of the Shads in their inflatable boats. Mr. Shrimpton ultimately determined the starting order based on the boat's design. Despite earning the "pole position", Ramsey's boat could not hold off charges from Flavelle who ultimately won the race, and Macdonald and Perrier who were second and third respectively. Laidlaw's boat unfortunately sprung a leak at the starting line and failed to launch, and the team from Smith were disqualified shortly after the start for leaving their boat and running along the river bed. The event  was a great start to the Inter-house event calendar, and undoubtedly teams will be eager to earn as many points as possible to secure the top seats in Chapel as well as earn their House and Clan the coveted Housser Cup.  


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