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2018-19 Middle School Clan Events


Colour-over-Word Brain Teaser Challenge
A number of MS boys showed up to Rm 106 to take on the Colour Over Word Brain Teaser Challenge. The boys were asked to read out the colour of the words in the list provided in under 13 seconds. While many of the boys fumbled and stumbled over the list, a handful of them were able to earn points for their clan. Montrose dominated with a total of 110 points, while Douglas earned 30. Bruce and Wallace trailed behind with 20 points each.


The Hockey Shoot-Out Challenge
On Dec. 11th, the MS boys took their turns trying to best Hayden "The Wall" Thorne in our annual MS Clan Shootout Competition. Ultimately, fatigue set in and Hayden faded as the onslaught of shots continued. By the end of the competition, Douglas was able to pot 16 goals, while Montrose came in second with 12 goals. Wallace scored 10 goals to while Bruce only managed 4 goals.



The Price is Right - SAC Style!
Over 30 boys came to test their game show skills during our Price Is Right: Showcase Showdown clan event today. Guessing the cost of packages that included Fortnite skins, Gucci belts, big screen TVs, and GoPro drones, the Douglas crew came away victorious by getting the closest to the actual retail price on both showcases. Douglas received 200 points for their efforts, while Wallace came in second with 150 points. Bruce and Montrose tied for third and both earned 75 points.



The Spook-Fest Halloween Competition
In honour of Halloween, the MS conducted a variety of 'spooky' events linked to the holiday. Grade Costume contests and a pumpkin pie eating competition were the highlights and all clan members participated completely and enthusiastically. The competition was fierce, but Bruce and Douglas ended up on the top with 80 points each!



Clan Football Target Shoot
While the US Houses were taking to the gridiron, the MS Clans battled it out in a football throwing accuracy contest. Wallace led the way with a whopping 150 points, while Montrose finished second with 100. Douglas came in third with 80 points and Bruce's lack of participation left them with a mere 10 points.





Inter-Clan Volleyball Tournament
Montrose emerged victorious in the MS Clan Volleyball Championships against rival Wallace. Douglas took third place while Bruce finished winless and in fourth. Montrose earned 250 points for their win, while Wallace's appearance in the finals brought them 175 points. Douglas earned 100 points with Bruce trailed behind with 75.



The Annual Cross Country Run
The Annual cross country run is one of the longest standing traditions at SAC going back to 1903. The winner of the race earns the coveted Wallace Cup which has only been awarded to 62 different students in the 119 year history of the school. The 2018 US race was won by Chattan Clan's (Smith House) Chris Marton in a little over 12 minutes. Stewart Clan (Sifton House) dominated the next 3 spots with Ethan Landry, Scott Hood, and Willem Grier finishing 2nd to 4th respectively. These top placings also catapulted Stewart Clan to an easy overall win for the day bettering the next clan, Robertson (Laidlaw House) by average finish of more than 15 places. Ramsey Clan (Ramsey House) finished 3rd.

In the Middle School run, a fantastic performances by Christan Mitsis earned him the Olympic Medal plaque  for winning the MS Cross country race. Following close behind him was Noah Roberts and Max D'Angelo.

Given that the top three places in the MS Race were earned by members of the Douglas Clan, in the overall clan competition this Clan easily won the day with an average clan member placing of 68th. Montrose was close behind with an average placing of 77th, followed by Wallace and Bruce respectively.


Loose Change for Terry
On September 20th, the MS boys took to the track to support the Terry Fox Foundation and cancer research. The top 10 finishers in each grade division earned points for their respective Clans. Wallace and Bruce led the way with 295 points each, while Montrose earned 285 points. Douglas rounded out the field with 240 points.




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