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If you would like to be considered for a leadership position for the 2016/17 Cadet Year, in either the Fall/Winter or Spring Terms, please complete and submit the application below. ALL the information requested is required.

Basic Information

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Additional Leadership Experience - Have you been selected as a:
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Do you have any other leadership achievements not covered by the questions above?
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Instructor Leadership Opportunities

Training in Fall and Winter Terms requires Star Level Instructors. Each Platoon Instructor is assigned to a green, red, silver or gold star platoon. Their responsibility is to ensure that the Cadets in that platoon are the best trained they can possibly be. Platoon Instructors must ensure that each Cadet has every opportunity to succeed, offering extra help sessions etc. as required. The Senior Instructor looks after the Instructors and reports directly to the CO. This is usually reserved for second year Instructors.

If you are interested in teaching, please check one of the following:

Fall and Winter Term Instructor Options

Green Star Instructor           Red Star Instructor          Silver Star Instructor
  Gold Star Instructor               Senior Instructor                   Not Interested

Battalion Leadership Opportunities

Battalion positions are assigned for the Spring Term. Each position has a slightly different requirement. The Sergeants and Warrant Officers deal with training, while the Company Sergeant Majors (MWO) and Regimental Sergeant Major (RSM) deals with drill, dress and deportment. The Officers are responsible for carrying out training plans and policies and are involved in the decisions of the Company and ultimately the Cadet Corps.

If you are interested in a Battalion position, please check one or more of the following:

Spring Term Battalion Positions    Sgt       WO       MWO       CWO       Lt       Capt       Maj       LCol

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