Army Cadet Star Training

Presentation of Star QualificationsThe Army Cadet Star Training teaches and practices the minimum skills and knowledge necessary to achieve the training objectives of army cadets.

Participation in Star Training is compulsory for all students in grades 8, 9, 10 & 11 unless they choose to participate in the Cadet Band or Pipes and Drums Training.

Star Training is divided into four levels signified by Green Stars, Red Stars, Silver Stars and Gold Stars.  At St Andrew's College, Star Training is normally carried out during the fall and winter terms, with testing held in prior to March Break. A cadet will attempt one star level in a given training year under normal circumstances.

Since September 2003, cadets taking Red, Silver & Gold Star training are enrolled in a Grade 11 academic credit called Leadership and Peer Support. Comments will be entered on reports cards in Grades 9, 10 & 11 and a final mark will be provided on your final Grade 11 report card.

Your star qualification is also an important factor of several used in determining promotions and appointments (see Ranks and Qualifications.)

Cadets who have successfully completed all levels of the local Star Training, may elect to study for and attempt the National Star Certification Exam which is normally conducted in two phases in January and February each year consisting of written, practical and fitness testing administered by the Area Cadet Detachment staff. This is the highest cadet training qualification. 

Click on the graphics below to get detailed information and resources for each training level:

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