Optional Training Programs

A wide variety of optional cadet training programmes are offered to students who have completed their Green and Red Star qualifications:

Pipes and Drums
This optional program offered for the full year, is conducted by Gold Medallist Piper Jim McGillivray and a talented staff of instructors. The programme  includes beginner piping and drummer training which will lead eventually to participation in either the Junior or Senior Pipe Band. Cadets may begin participating in this program in Grade 6 and continued participation is at the discretion of the Director of Piping. Cadets in Grade 11 and 12 without previous experience, are NOT eligible to participate. For more information check out the Piping and Drumming pages.

You may also select the bagpipes as your instrument for an academic music credit and if this is of interest to you, please talk to Mr. McGillivray or your advisor. And each summer, SAC is the home of the Ontario School of Piping.
Clikc here to visit the website of the Ontario School of Piping at St Andrew's

Cadet Military Band
This is now a full year AMR credit program for cadets at any level under the direction of the Director of Music. The band performs at the Cadets in Concert show, Church Parade, Headmaster's Parade and Annual Inspection.

Rock Climbing Instruction
Rock Climbing takes place on our new climbing wall in the Yuill gymnasium. Training is usually conducted as part of the Silver Star training programme, supervised by one of our many qualified instructors. During the warm seasons, our High Ropes course is also part of the programme.

This program is conducted in the fall and winter terms and is open to cadets in Grade 11 and higher. There is an additional cost for this program.

Franchises in Canada, U.S. and Finland.
Driver Education Program
This program is conducted in the fall and winter terms and is open to cadets in Grade 11 and higher who are 16 years of age or older. There is an additional cost for this program which is conducted by YOUNG DRIVERS OF CANADA.

First Aid
Cadets in Grade 11 or above who have completed their Red Star qualification have the opportunity to qualify for their First Aid Certification. One course will be offered in the winter term.

Marksmanship Team / Biathlon
Cadets in Grade 11 or above who have completed their Red Star qualification may apply to participate on the Corps Marksmanship Team which will train and compete using target rifles under the coaching of Major McCue. This is a fall/winter term activity. Team size is limited and training will most likely be scheduled outside of the cadet period. You can check out the details of the the National Cadet Marksmanship Program.

Cadet Instructor Program
Gold Star qualified cadets serve as supervisors and instructors for each of the star training courses. Cadets will be assigned a specific course and platoon at the beginning of the term and will also be expected to assist with field exercises throughout the year.

Cadets at any level who meet the age requirements may participate with the program which will mostly be outside of normal cadet training periods. The Program is open to all young people between the ages of 14 and 25 and is made up of four sections: community service, skills development, physical fitness, and expeditions. Within these four sections there is a vast choice of activities to pursue. This enables participants to develop an individual, balanced programme suited to their own needs and interests. Unique to the Program is the opportunity for each participant to set his or her own goals and challenges, within general parameters, so as to foster independence, responsibility, accountability and accomplishment. There are three levels of the Award, Bronze, Silver and Gold, each requiring an increased time commitment. The contact officer for this program is Major McCue. 

For more information including the requirements, check our Duke of Edinburgh Award Program page.

Quartermaster's Stores Staff
A team of cadets is required for the fall, winter and spring terms to assist with the Battalion administration including attendance records and other task under the direction the Deputy Commanding Officer. Those interested will normally be Red Star qualified and be in Grade 10, 11 or 12 and must apply to Major McCue.