Green Star  Training

COURSE DAYBOOK (Course Training Plan)

The Green Star Course is designed to provide the new cadet with the basic knowledge to participate in cadet activities. All subsequent star training will follow this course.

This training will qualify the cadet to participate as a non-commissioned member of the cadet corps with the rank of Lance Corporal.

There will be a Course Officer, a Senior Staff Cadet, one or more senior cadets assigned to assist with the course administration and as instructors.

Course Requirements

You take the compass bearing! - Green Star Trg - fall 1999Prerequisites
All cadets in Grade eight are expected to participate in the Green Star Program. There are no prerequisites. The Green Star however will be required for all other Star Programme courses and optional cadet training.

Course Registration
All cadet who are required to participate (as indicated above) do NOT need to register. Any other cadets who wish to take this course must register at the Cadet Office.

Each candidate will be issued a Green Star Handbook (A-CR-CCP-121/ PT-001) on the first day of the course. If you have not received one, please check in the Cadet Office. The handbook is designed as a textbook/workbook for study by Green Star Course cadets and is yours to keep. You may add your own notes and highlight important paragraphs as you wish. You should bring your handbook to any regular Green Star training sessions.

Other Resources
These resources will provide additional information to assist you in completing the Green Star course.

Green Star candidates are expected to:
  • attend all regular Thursday Green Star training sessions and special activities,
  • read assigned chapters of the Green Star Handbook,
  • participate in at least one target rifle introduction shoot,
  • participate in at least one community service project (which may also count towards your school required community service),
  • submit to the course instructor any assignments given (these may include group assignments or taskings),
  • write and pass the Green Star test.

At the completion of the course training, candidates must complete a written test at a date announced by the Course Officer normally in  January. The test will include questions from each chapter in the Green Star Handbook however the emphasis will be on fundamental training. You are responsible for knowing all the material in the handbook (whether covered in class or not) and other information about SAC cadets and our affiliated unit provided to you during the course.

Sixty percent (60%) or more is required to pass the written test. An opportunity to rewrite a test for those who do not pass, may be provided. If the candidate rewrites the test or writes the test at a date after the initial test is offered, then seventy-five percent (75%) is required to pass.

Results of the testing will normally be posted on the cadet bulletin board.

Qualification Rank and Recognition
Cadets who successfully complete the requirements for the Green Star will be promoted to Lance Corporal and presented with a metallic Green Star pin and Qualification Certificate. The pin will be worn on the right sleeve of your scarlet or green cadet tunic (midway between the elbow and top of the cuff) and may also be worn on the left lapel of your No. 1 School dress blazer.

Course Content
The course consist of the following subjects with the Performance Objective and Enabling Objective references. Links indicate additional information and/or resources for that subject.

Click on + for Enabling Objectives

  • +Drill (PO 401) - The aim of Green Star drill is to provide the candidates with the required minimum skills to participate successfully during the annual review parade. Drill teaches an army cadet self-discipline, steadiness on parade, self-reliance and personal deportment and develops individual and group pride and esprit-de-corps. Participation in the Annual Inspection is expected of all course cadets.

    • EO 401.01 - Attention, Stand an Stand Easy

    • EO 401.02 - Form a Squad and Respond to Role Call

    • EO 401.03 - March and Halt in Quick Time

    • EO 401.04 - Turns at the Halt

    • EO 401.05 - Paces Forward and to the Rear

    • EO 401.06 - Right Dress

    • EO 401.07 - Salute with the Hand at the Halt

    • EO 401.08 - Salute on the March

    • EO 401.09 - Open and Close Order March

    • EO 401.10 - Dismissal

    • EO 401.11 - Step Out, Step Short and Wheel in Quick Time

    • EO 401.12 - Mark Time, Forward and Halt in Quick Time

    • EO 401.13 - Left and Right Turns on the March

    • EO 401.14 - Pay Compliments with a Squad on the March

    • EO 401.15 - Fall-in and Fall-out of ranks

  • +Fundamental Training (PO 402) - The aim of Green Star fundamental training is to provide candidates with background, knowledge and history of the Royal Canadian Army cadets, how to wear and maintain their uniforms and the rank structure used in the Canadian Forces and by cadets. (See also Other Resources above.)

    • EO 402.01 - Dress Regulations
    • EO 402.02 - Army Cadet Training
    • EO 402.03 - Officer Rank Structure of the Canadian Forces and the Chain of Command
    • EO 402.04 - Paying of Compliments and Addressing an Officer or NCO
    • EO 402.05 - Your Cadet Corps and the Affiliated Unit History
    • EO 402.06 - Badges and Medals of the Royal Canadian Army Cadets
  • +Bushcraft (PO 403) - The aim of Green Star bush craft is to provide the course cadets with the individual skills to look after themselves and their equipment while participating in field exercises. These skills are to be practiced and tested during the field training weekends.

    • EO 403.01 - Selecting Personal Equipment and Clothing for Use in the Field

    • EO 403.02 - Packing and Carrying Individual Clothing and Equipment

    • EO 403.03 - Principles of Safe Tool Craft

    • EO 403.04 - Survival Kit

  • Map and Compass (PO 405) - The aim of Green Star map and compass is to introduce the course cadet to the topographical map. These skills are to be practiced and tested during the field training weekends.

  • +Marksmanship (PO 406) - The aim of Green Star marksmanship is:

    • to provide the army cadet recruit with an understanding of the safety precautions required for the use of the Daisy 853C air Rifle,

    • introduction to the principles of marksmanship, and

    • range commands and procedures.

    • to conduct a familiarization shoot with the Daisy 853C Air Rifle.

  • Public Speaking (PO 410) - The aim of Green Star public speaking to to have the cadet speak in front of a group so that he will feel more confident and comfortable in among his peers.

  • +Leadership (PO 411) - The aim of Green Star leadership is to provide the cadet with a theoretical understanding of what is expected of them.

    • EO 411.01 - Carry out the duties of a team member.

  • +Citizenship (PO 412) - The aim of Green Star citizenship is to provide the cadet with an understanding of the duties and responsibilities of a citizen. Cadets MUST also participate in at least one community service project. (See also Other Resources above)

    • EO 412.01 - Discuss Citizenship

    • EO 412.02 - Participate in a Community Service Project

  • Physical Fitness (PO 413) - The aim of Green Star physical fitness is to provide the course cadets with an understanding of the importance of physical fitness in daily life. The Army Cadet Fitness Test must be conducted as part of mandatory support training, however there is no requirement to meet a minimum standard in order to pass this course.

[Note that chapters 4, 7, 8 & 9 are not allocated.]