Duke of Edinburgh's Award:
Program Overview

The Award
Dukes team planning meeting.The Award Program is about challenge. It is also about providing the opportunity to accept a challenge. The Award offers you the opportunity to set a personal goal and achieve it. Along the way, you learn about qualities like responsibility, trust, and the ability to plan and organize themselves.

There is no competition between participants. The only person with whom you compete is yourself. Self-motivation is fundamental to the Programme. There are no set standards to achieve. The criterion for gaining an Award is based on individual improvement based on each participant's starting point and potential. (See Summary of Conditions Page).

There is not such thing as failure in the Award. Even if an Award is not attained, just being involved brings new friends, new knowledge and new adventures which are above all, enjoyable.

There are three "Awards" - Bronze with a minimum starting age of 14; Silver with a minimum starting age of 15; and Gold with a minimum starting age of 16. To qualify for an Award, you must first register and obtain a Record Book and then satisfy the requirements of the four sections of the Programme - Service, Expeditions, Skills and Fitness.

The Award itself consists of a lapel pin or brooch, and an inscribed certificate of achievement.

More than 15,000 young Canadians are now participating in the Award, programme either as members of organized groups, or on an individual basis. 

First Step to the Award
Expedition to Tobermory April 2000.If you are interested in participating in the Young Canadians Challenge you must register with the Cadet Office prior to beginning any of the activities. Upon registration each participant will receive a record book in which they record their activities throughout the three levels of the programme and you will be assigned to a SAC Duke of Edinburgh Team with a staff advisor.

For more information, contact Major McCue.

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