Cadet Harrassment and Abuse Prevention

As a cadet I have the
be treated fairly and with respect
feel safe
be included
seek help
be heard
make decisions
be protected from emotional,
physical and sexual abuse and all
forms of harassment
use the law
say NO to unwelcome behaviour
As a cadet I have the
treat others with respect
not exclude anyone
help protect others
respect personal boundaries;
honour "NO's"
tell the truth
not dominate others
not misuse my powers
control my anger
not harass anyone
not abuse anyone
get help if I need it

Dear Parent/Cadet, 

The Canadian Cadet Movement has always prided itself on providing a stimulating, challenging and safe programme to Canadian Youth. Through a variety of activities, the CCM has consistently delivered one of the best youth programmes in Canada. I am pleased to inform you of the creation of yet another quality training programme for the cadets. 

The Cadet Harassment and Abuse Prevention programme (CHAP) is an age-sensitive programme that deals with harassment, abuse and assault issues. This programme will be
delivered to every member of the Canadian Cadet Movement (CCM) - cadets, their instructors and volunteers to the Movement -- at least once per year. Through a series of short videos and facilitated discussions, members of the CCM will gain an increased understanding of harassing and abusive behaviours, and learn how to deal with these situations when they arise. With CHAP, the message is clear: 

Harassment and Abuse
are unacceptable within the CCM. 

CHAP was created by the Department of National Defence/Canadian Forces in cooperation with experts from Consulting and Audit Canada and the Canadian Red Cross Society, in consultation with the Canadian Human Rights Commission and the Secretary of State for Children and Youth. CHAP is specifically geared towards youth and will be delivered at the local Cadet unit and Cadet Summer Training Centres by qualified leaders in the Cadet Instructors Cadre (CIC). 

The CHAP training programme was officially approved by the Vice Chief of the Defence Staff on the morning of 27 April 1999. Training has begun during the summer of 1999 at the 27 Cadet Summer Training Centres for approximately 23,000 members of the Canadian Cadet Movement. 

The CCM has a strong commitment to making better citizens for Canada. The CCM is
extremely proud of the CHAP programme and the proactive stance that has been taken
in addressing harassment and abuse issues. I encourage you to discuss the CHAP
programme with your children, your cadets and their leaders. Together we can ensure our youth will be ready to deal with whatever challenges they face in the new millennium. 

E.W. Hardy
Director of Cadets