The Wellington Dinner and Leadership Lecture

26 April 2012

1830hrs for 1930hrs

48th Highlanders of Canada Officers' Mess 130 Queen Street East Toronto, ON M5A 1R9

Dress: Mess Kit, Tuxedo or Business Attire

Officers at Wellington Dinner 2002

Named in honour of one of the most famous British Field-Marshal, Arthur Wellesley, 1st Duke of Wellington (1769-1851), this formal Mess Dinner with a guest speaker is held at the prestigious Royal Canadian Military Institute in Toronto on the week prior to the Annual Cadet Church Parade.

It is attended by the Cadet Officers and Senior NCO's (CSMs), Corps Officers and Instructors, former cadet officers and other special guests.

The dinner is organized and conducted by the President, Vice President and Secretary of the Combined Officers, Warrants and Sergeants Mess Committee, who are appointed by the Commanding Officer. For more specific details, check out the Mess Dinner Info and Etiquette and Mess Dinner Invitations pages.

Past Dinners:

Wellington Leadership Lecture and Dinner 2009

A more recent tradition is that of the annual Wellington Lecture and Dinner, held each spring for our senior Officers and NCOs. This year marked the twelfth annual dinner and it was held at the prestigious Royal Canadian Military Institute in Toronto. The Guest Speaker for the event was BGen (ret’d) Greg Young, former Commander LFCA, and Commanding Officer of our affiliated unit, the 48th Highlanders of Canada. BGen Young’s address opened with personal reminiscences about St. Andrew’s College. “I can recall as a young Sgt on a number of occasions we travelled to SAC and made use of the grounds out back to train new recruits in basic field craft.” The history between the school and the unit goes back a long way. “Ninety four years ago this very night, in an area known as The Ypres Salient in Belgium, the 1st Division of the CEF including the 15th Battalion (48th Highlanders of Canada) was engaged in desperate fighting to stop a German offensive that had broken through French lines chiefly as a result of their use of chlorine gas. Three former members of SAC were among those who gave their lives at Ypres; Lt Andrew Leslie Ball (10th Bn) on the 22nd; Pte Ralph Ewart Herald (4th Bn) and Captain John Donald Glover (16th Bn and a Master from 1908-1911) tonight on the 23rd.” BGen Young went on to share some valuable lessons from Field Marshall Arthur Wellesley, the Duke of Wellington and reminded us all of the importance of learning while leading. With leadership comes responsibility – “the most demanding of which is being entrusted with the care of the organization’s most valuable resource – its people.” This evening was certainly memorable and we were truly honoured to have BGen Young with us on this important occasion.