Church Parade  

On Sunday April 26th, 2009 St Andrew’s College will conduct its Annual Church Parade at Our Lady of Grace Church at 15347 Yonge Street in Aurora. The parade will step off from St. Andrew’s College, moving along Yonge Street south to the Church. The Mayor of Aurora will re-affirm the Freedom of the Town presented to #142 Highland Cadet Corps in 2005. The Corps will then march back to St. Andrew’s College with swords drawn and flags flying.

The following details are provided for students, parents and guests.

  • 11:00 Brunch and change into Uniforms
  • 12:30 Parade forms up behind Flavelle
  • 12:45 Parade moves onto Quad, CSM’s Inspection
  • 1:15 Parade steps off
  • 2:00 Service begins
  • 3:15 Re-form and draw swords, uncase flags
  • 3:30 Parade back to St. Andrew’s College

Dress Upper School Scarlets (Officers with sword)
Middle School Cadet Greens
Military Band No 1s with kilt
Pipes and Drums Scarlets with bonnets

Shoes polished and buttons gleaming

In case of rain, the buses will drop off Cadets directly at the Church. All Cadets should meet at St. Andrew’s College in the case of inclement weather.

Items to remember: Glengarry, tunic, waistbelt, sporran, kilt, spats, hosetops, and flashes.