Pipe Band Music

The following is a list of our band repertoire recorded in a variety of formats. Most of the wav and mp3 files listed first were recorded on the practice chanter or drum pad for assisting our Pipers and Drummers in learning new tunes. Note that the mp3 files may take quite some time to download.

Some other tunes are also provided and greater background of some tunes can be found at the links on the left.

Band Repertoire - Pipe Tunes
  Tune Format
2/4 Marches Barren Rocks of Aden, The wav midi
Black Bear, The midi mp3
Highland Laddie, The - Regimental Quick March wav Lyrics
High Road to Gairloch, The   wav midi
3/4 Marches Dream Valley of Glendaruel, The - Retreat wav midi
Green Hills of Tyrol, The - Retreat wav midi Lyrics
Shoals of Herring wav
When the Battle's O'er - Retreat wav midi
4/4 Marches 142 St. Andrew's College Highland Cadet Corps
by Cadet Pipe Major CWO Andrew Douglas
Bonnie Galloway wav
Caber Feidh   midi mp3
Cockney Jocks, The wav midi
Crusader's March, The mp3
Irish Guards Welcome to Toronto wav
Old Rustic Bridge, The wav midi
Rose of Kelvingrove, The - Concert March   midi mp3
Rowan Tree, The wav midi
Run Run Away wav
Scotland the Brave wav midi Lyrics
When the Saints Go Marching In - School Pep March wav
6/8 Marches Bonnie Dundee  wav midi Lyrics
MacNeills of Ugadale, The   mp3
Mist Covered Mountains - Slow March midi mp3
Mrs. Lily Christie mp3
Steamboat, The wav
Duty March General Salute (8 bars of The Maple Leaf Forever) wav
9/8 Marches
Medley Pipe Band Medley mp3
Reels High Road to Linton  midi
Piper of Drummond & High Road to Linton, The wav midi
Jigs Cork Hill wav
Strathspey Molly Connell   wav midi
Hornpipe Crossing the Minch   midi mp3
Slow Airs Amazing Grace - 3/4 wav midi mp3
Highland Cathedral - Chanter wav midi
Highland Cathedral - Pipers with St. Paul's organ. mp3
Highland Cathedral - 48th Pipe Band with Military Band ram
Rhu Vaternish (Slow March) wav
Song of the Glen (Slow March) mp3

Band Repertoire - Drum Scores
Time Score Format
2/4 Andy's March mp3
2/4 or 4/4 Cadet Massed Band 2/4 or 4/4 mp3
3/4 Cadet Massed Band mp3
4/4 Society Massed Band  mp3
4/4 Susan McLeod - Strathspey mp3
6/8 Society Band mp3

Other Tunes
Tune Format
Battle of the Somme - "Tunes of Glory" - 9/8 March
This is a
is a spirited tune which belies the tragedy of the battle it commemorates. The forces of most Commonwealth countries were present at this battle.
Charles Edward: Hope De Vere - 2/4 March - Piping
Charles Edward: Hope De Vere - 2/4 March - Snare Drumming
Clumsy Lover - Jig midi mp3
Cock o' the North midi
Ewe with the Crooked Horn, The - Piping
Ewe with the Crooked Horn, The - Snare Drumming
Flowers of the Forest, The  - 2/4 Slow March midi mp3
Heights of Dargai, The - "Tunes of Glory" - 9/8 - Retreat
The Heights of Dargai is another popular marching tune. It was written to commemorate a battle in which the actions of a Gordon Highlander piper caused a sensation throughout the British Empire.
Hugh Kennedy     mp3  
Lament for Mary MacLeod mp3
Rejected Suitor, The - Piping
Rejected Suitor, The - Drumming
Road to the Isles, The wav midi Lyrics
Sands of Kuwait - 6/8? Slow March wav      
Shepherd's Crook, The mp3