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Cadet officers briefing by Major Smith and Major (then Captain) Stephens

Staff and Instructors

Officers and Civilian Instructors
The Corps training and operations are overseen by a number of officers who are members of the Cadet Instructor Cadre (CIC) of the Canadian Forces Reserve. These officers are responsible for the overall effectiveness of the cadet program at St. Andrew's College and are trained by the Canadian Forces as required by their particular role. For more information on the CIC, check out the National Cadet Instructor Cadre Website.

Civilian Instructors are contracted to supplement the CIC Officer Staff of the Cadet Corps and at St. Andrew's are recruited from among the school teaching and administrative staff.  

Commanding Officer, Marksmanship & Biathlon Coach, Drum Instructor
MajMajor B. McCue, CD, MMus, BMus (Hons) - Major McCue has his Honours degree from the University of Western Ontario in Music (Percussion), and his Master’s Degree from McGill University. He has been an Assistant Professor of Music at Laurentian University, the Personnel Manager for the Windsor Symphony Orchestra and the Stage Manager for the National Youth Orchestra of Canada. His real interest lies in Cadet training. Since 1987 he has been a Commissioned Officer with the Canadian Forces (Reserves). He has been responsible for the training, administration and supply of Cadet units and summer training camps. In 1992 and 1993, he was an Officer Commanding the National Army Cadet Pipes and Drums in Banff, AB. In 1995, 1997, and 1998 he commanded the Cadet School of Pipes and Drums at CFB Borden. He was, until being appointed here, the Commanding Officer for the 48th Highlanders Cadet Corps in Toronto at Moss Park Armoury for four years. In 1998/1999 Major McCue taught drumming for our Corps. He has served on the Duke of Edinburgh Awards – Standards Committee and enjoys outdoor activities. 
Deputy Commanding Officer
Captain M. Burton, CD - Captain Burton has worked with the Corps for the last few years. He has been involved with the Army Cadet Movement since 1989 when he joined 2817 Hastings & Prince Edward Regiment Royal Canadian Army Cadet Corps in Lindsay, Ontario. He retired in 1996 at the rank of Chief Warrant Officer and was appointed Regimental Sergeant-Major. Over his career, he received the Lord Strathcona Medal, the Royal Canadian Legion Medal of Excellence, and in 1993 was awarded the Major-General W. A. Howard Award for being the top Level 4 (Gold Star) Cadet in Central Region. He attended Banff National Army Cadet Camp, successfully completing the Leadership and Challenge Course. He then spent 3 summers as a Staff Cadet at CFB Borden, the final year as a Company Sergeant-Major. He then enrolled in the Cadet Instructor Cadre and worked with the 48th Highlanders of Canada Cadet Corps. Capt Burton has been employed as an officer at Blackdown Cadet Training Centre as a Public Affairs Officer, Second in Command of Service Support Company and the past five years as Adjutant.
  CaptCaptain J. Connery, CD
Supply Officer
  Ms. Wendy Marshall

 Ms. Debbie Kane

Training Support Officer
Lieutenant G. Reid 
Green Star Course Officers
Red Star Course Officers

Captain S. Millar

Silver Star Course Officers
  Capt Vic Goldman  (ret'd)
  CI K. Ramon
  CI M. Service
  CI F. Cowell
Gold Star Officers
  Captain J. Connery, CD

(See above)

  Capt V. Steeves, CD
Platinum Star Officer

Capt Steve Gilbert

Director of Piping and Drumming
Jim McGillivray

Mr. J. McGillivray - More than 20 years of international prizes in all branches of pipe music lend credence to the prestigious Piper & Drummer magazine's description of Jim McGillivray as "one of the world's best all-round pipers – ever." His premier solo awards include the coveted Gold Medals at Oban and Inverness, Scotland, the Clasp at Inverness, the March, Strathspey & Reel at the Glenfiddich Championship at Blair Castle, Scotland, and the North American Championship. Jim's experience also encompasses the highest level of pipe bands. He was a member of the groundbreaking 78th Fraser Highlanders from 1988-93. For 10 years in the 1970s, he was a key component in the Guelph Pipe Band's rise to prominence. He subsequently led the band to the North American Championship at Maxville, Ontario, in 1981.

Jim is one of the most active and successful teachers of piping on the continent. His summer school experience is extensive. His private pupils have won North American Championships at both the professional and amateur levels. His 1998 piping tutor and CD, Rhythmic Fingerwork, sold out its first printing in seven months and has quickly set a new standard for piping tutors world wide. In the fall of 1998, Jim joined the teaching faculty at the century old St. Andrew's College boys school in Aurora, Ontario as Director of its long-standing Piping & Drumming program. The 85-year-old program has since come alive with enthusiasm as boys 11-18 from Canada, the U.S. and around the world fall under the spell of the pipes in the motivating and magical environment of St. Andrew's College. An engaging performer, Jim is much in demand for recitals, piping workshops and band clinics across North America.

Pipes and Drums Band Officer
  2Lt J. Inglis -


Cadet Band Director
  Ms. Sandi Chasson
Cadet Band Administration Officer


Ms. Samantha Scheepers
Optional Programs Coordinator


Duke of Edinburgh Award Team Leaders (Also see above)
Supply Seamstresses
  Mrs. R. Wiseman