Our Organization

Our Staff
The Cadet Corps staff at St. Andrew's include Officers of the Cadet Instructor's Cadre (part of the Canadian Force's Primary Reserve), Civilian Instructors who are recruited from inside the school, and special instructors who are recruited from outside of the school for their specialized skills. More detailed information is provided on our Staff Page.

The Cadet Battalion
Cadet Lieutenant Colonel John Delfin ('94)All students of St. Andrew's College are members of the Cadet Corps. Students are appointed to the roles of Battalion Officers and Non-Commissioned Officers. Check our Ranks and Qualifications Page for more information how to earn qualifications and be considered for promotion and appointments. Also check out the Battalion Organization Chart and our Roles and Responsibilities for Cadet Officers and Senior Non-Commissioned Officers.

The Cadet Battalion is composed of the following elements:

    Battalion Headquarters (BHQ)
    The Battalion Headquarters consists of the Cadet Commanding Officer (a cadet Lieutenant Colonel), the Deputy Commanding Officer (a cadet Major) and the Regimental Sergeant Major (a cadet Chief Warrant Officer.)

    Headquarters Company (HQ Coy)
    Under the command of the Adjutant as Company Commander (a cadet Major or Captain), the Headquarters Company consists of a variety of units which provide support to the operation to the Cadet Battalion:

    • Flag Party (under a cadet Lieutenant)
    • Administration Support Platoon (under a cadet Lieutenant)
      • Administration Section (under the Chief Battalion Clerk)
      • Quartermaster's Stores Section (under the RQMS)
      • Public Affairs Section (under a cadet Sgt)
    • Pipes and Drum Band (under the Pipe & Drum Majors)
    • Junior and Intermediate Pipes and Drums
    • Cadet Military Band (under the cadet Band Officer, Band Warrant and Drum Major)
    St Andrew's College Highland Cadet Corps Pipes and Drums

    House Companies
    These companies form the foundation of the Cadet Battalion and consist of the majority of cadets who do not have special assignments. Each house company is under the command of a Company Commander (a cadet Captain) and is assisted by a Company Sergeant Major (a cadet Master Warrant Officer). 

    Each company consist of two platoons led by a Platoon Commander (a cadet Lieutenant) assisted by a Platoon Warrant (a cadet Warrant Officer.) Each platoon may be further divided into Sections led by a cadet Sergeant, Master Corporal or Corporal.

    • Flavelle Company
    • Memorial Company
    • Smith Company
    • Ramsey Company
    • Sifton Company
    • Laidlaw Company

    Training Company 
    The Training Company consists of Grade 6, 7 and 8 members the Middle School. It is led by a Company Commander (a cadet Captain), a Company Sergeant Major (a cadet Master Warrant Officer), Platoon Commanders (cadet Lieutenants) and Platoon Warrants and Sergeants who are generally senior cadets from grade 10, 11 and 12. All of training company marches at the Annual Church Parade but only the Grade 7 & 8's parade with the Battalion for the Annual Inspection.