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Drum Major Ian Cragg
Links to brief biographies of Old Boys who served in the military are no longer included in this listing because of the quantity of entries. Check the History Section for alphabetical listings sorted by eras.

  • Affiliated Unit - Information on and links to our affiliated unit, the 48th Highlanders of Canada.
  • Annual Inspection - Details of the most significant event of the cadet year. See also  Mounting the Inspection.
  • Army Cadet Service Medal
  • Awards - Lists of recipients for awards available to SAC cadets:
  • Best Cadet (J. L. Wright Trophy)
  • Best Lower School Cadet
  • Best Platoon (Ellsworth Cup Winners)
  • Cadet Fitness Awards
  • Commanding Officer's Commendations
  • Royal Canadian Legion Cadet Medal of Excellence
  • B
  • Battlefield Tour Diary- March 2003 trip to Europe.
  • Best Cadet (J. L. Wright Trophy) - List of recipients of this award first presented in 1938.
  • Best Lower School Cadet Award - A fairly complete list of recipients of this Award initiated in 1956. 
  • Best Platoon (Ellsworth Cup Winners) - A list of platoons awarded the Ellsworth Cup for the Best Platoon. Donated by G. Eric Ellsworth.
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    • Glossary - Definitions of a number of cadet and related military terms.
    • Gold Star Training Programme - An introduction and overview on our Gold Star Training Programme and how to participate.
    • Journals - Annual records of Corps training and activities starting with the 1999-2000 training year.
    • MASSEY, Vincent - A biography of our first Cadet Commanding Officer and the first Canadian born Governor General of Canada.
    • Mess Dinner - Information about this event for senior cadets known formally as the Wellington Dinner and Leadership Lecture.
    • Mess Dinner Info and Etiquette - All the information you need to make sure you don't embarrass yourself at the Annual Senior Cadet Mess Dinner!
    • Military Courtesies and Saluting - The whys and when's of saluting.
    • Military Old Boys - See the History Page for information about selected Old Boys, Masters and Staff  who were involved in the military.
    • Mounting the Inspection - Specific details including drill commands, for the Annual Inspection.
    • Uniforms - Hints and instructions on getting your uniform issued, caring for it and wearing it properly. See also Orders of Dress.
  • Waterloo, Battle of - Where Napoleon Bonaparte was defeated by Sir Arthur Wellesley, 1st Duke of Wellington (see below).
  • Wellington Dinner and Leadership Lecture - Information about this event for senior cadets known informally as the Mess Dinner.
  • Wellesley, Sir Arthur - 1st Duke of Wellington
  • Winter Camping - Outdoor Action Guide to Winter Camping by Rick Curtis (pdf)

  • See also Outdoor Action Guide to Snow Shelters and Outdoor Action Guide to Hypothermia and Cold Weather Injuries
  • J. L. Wright Trophy (Best Cadet) - List of recipients of this award to the Best Cadet first presented in 1938.
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