First World War
Andreans Who Served in Russia in the
Canadian Siberian Expeditionary Force and Northern Russian Expeditionary Force

Authorized on 12 August 1918, the Canadian Siberian Expeditionary Force (CSEF) was composed of 4,000 soldiers that were sent to Russia to combat the Bolshevik menace. The soldiers were selected from the headquarters staff, B Squadron Royal North West Mounted Police, 85th Battery Canadian Field Artillery, 16th Field Company Canadian Engineers, 6th Signal Company, 259th and 260th Infantry Battalions, 20th Machine Gun Company, No. 1 Company Divisional Train, No. 16 Field Ambulance, No. 11 Stationary Hospital, and No. 9 Ordnance Detachment. The Commander was Major-General J. H. Elmsley. Most of the soldiers were stationed in Vladivostock. They returned home to Canada in the summer of 1919 without engaging in any hostilities.

The Northern Russian Expeditionary Force (NREF) served in the areas of Archangel and Murmansk from July 1918 to June 11, 1919 and included the 16th Brigade, Canadian Field Artillery, consisting of the 67th and 68th Batteries, formed from the Canadian Reserve Artillery and left Dundee for Archangel on 20 September. Its strength was 18 officers and 469 other ranks; almost all had been on the Western Front and all elected to serve in Russia. The total Canadian contribution, including both artillery and instructional personnel at Archangel and Murmansk, was 41 officers and 544 other ranks.

Ten Andreans have been identified who served in Russia.
Name and Rank Notes  
BURTON, Lieut Colonel R. B. S. Commanded the Finnish Legion in Russia -
probably in the Murmansk/Archangel theatre.
CLARK, Captain C. T. CSEF
DE SHERVININ, Lieutenant I., MC CSEF (Artillery)
FIRSTBROOK, W. G. Private COTC (Toronto);
Later joined the CSEF (20th Machine Gun Company)
HATCH, Lieutenant S. R. CSEF (Canadian Army Service Corps)
HERZTBERG, Lieutenant C. S. L. CSEF (16th Field Company, Canadian Engineers) WWII
KERR, Gunner H. T. CSEF (Artillery)
MASSEY, Lieutenant A. H. CSEF
SKIDMORE, Lieutenant J. P. CSEF