First World War
Andreans Who Served in the
Machine Gun Corps

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Name and Rank Notes  
RALPH, Private L. W. H. (Master) 244th Machine Gun Company
ANDERSON, Private D. L. Machine Gun Section, 108th Battalion, Victoria and Haliburton Countries.  (Enlisted in 1915 with the 74th Battalion and later transferred.)  
BASTEDO, Private R. H. Canadian Machine Gun Corps, University of Toronto Training Company.  
CLARK, Captain R. C. Machine Gun Corps; 1st Motor Machine Gun Brigade
COTTON, Lieutenant C. D. 12th Brigade, Machine Gun Corps
DIVER, Sergeant V. S. 1st Canadian Motor Machine Gun Brigade
FRASER, Captain D. J. Machine Gun School, Kingston, Ontario
FRITH, Lieutenant Ed V. CMG (?)
GEGGIE, 2nd Lieutenant W. M. M. 227th Company, Machine Gun Corps  
HAAS, Lieutenant M. S. 1st Canadian Machine Gun Battalion
LENNARD, Lieutenant H. G. MC Served in France as a private with the 20th Battalion before being commissioned and serving at Canadian Machine Gun Depots in England.