First World War
Andreans Who Served in the Artillery


Canadian Artillery


Name and Rank Notes  
CLAVERHILL, Lieutenant E. A. H. (Master) 3rd Battery, 45th Brigade
KER, Captain A. W. W. (Master) 55th Battery
Macdonnell, Major J. M. (Master) 16th Battery, 6th Brigade
Whitehead, A. (Master)
Atkinson, Gunner H. J. H. Artillery
AULD, Captain James C., MC 16th Battery, Canadian Field Artillery
4th Battery, 1st Brigade
AULT, Gunner A. D. D Battery, 2nd Brigade, Canadian Horse Artillery
Balfour, Gunner William D. 77th Battery; 45th Battery
46th Battery, 9th Brigade
Black, Lieutenant Steward C., DCM 9th Howitzer Battery
Blackstock, Gunner G. 10th Canadian Siege Battery
Booth, Captain C. D. 39th Battery, 10th Brigade
Bradshaw, Private E. S. Royal Canadian Horse Artillery
Bradshaw, Corporal M. A. 67th Battery (British??)
Bullock, Gunner, T. H. 12th Canadian Siege Battery
Cantley, Lieutenant D. F. 4th Canadian Siege Battery
Cassels, Captain G. T. 22nd Battery, Canadian Field Artillery
Possibly also Royal Canadian Horse Artillery
Cassels, Gunner W. G. Royal Canadian Horse Artillery
Cassels, Gunner H. 7th Battery Canadian Field Artillery
Christie, Gunner W. L. Canadian Field Artillery
Copeland, Gunner R. C. 4th Canadian Siege Battery
Cosgrove, Gunner K. W. 67th Battery
Cossitt, Lieutenant E. C. 27th Battery, 4th Brigade, Canadian Field Artillery
Cotton, Lieutenant J. D. 1st Canadian Trench Mortar Battery
Dick, J. W.
Donley, Lieutenant H. G. Trench Mortar Battery
Eakins, Signaller C. Gray 18th Battery, 4th Brigade, Canadian Field Artillery
Emprey, Driver R. O. Royal Canadian Horse Artillery
Farquhar, Lieutenant T. D. 8th Canadian Siege Battery
Ferguson, Gunner Roderick A. 25th Battery, 7th Brigade, Canadian Field Artillery
Foster, Sergeant William F. T. 50th Battery; perhaps 53rd Battery later
Gartshore, Bombadier J. S. 6th Canadian Siege Battery
Gibson, Lieutenant W. O. 31st Battery, 9th Brigade, Canadian Field Artillery
Gillies, A. R. 3rd Battery, 1st Brigade, Canadian Field Artillery
Gooch, Lieutenant Frederick J. 9th Howitzer Battery, 3rd Brigade; 54th Battery;
6th Battery, 2nd Brigade
Goulinlock, Lieutenant G. R. 15th Battery, 6th Brigade
Graham, Lieutenant R. E. 58th Howitzer Battery, 14th Brigade
Guthrie, Lieutenant H. C. 68th Battery
Hamilton, Lieutenant F. C. Royal Field Artillery?
Hodgson, Gunner D. E. 14th Battery, 4th Brigade
Jenkins, Driver W. S. 1st Canadian Heavy Battery, 2nd Brigade, CGA
Johnston, Signaller K. B. 66th Battery, 14th Brigade, Canadian Field Artillery
Johnston, R. G. 77th Battery?
Knechtel, Gunner K. D. 4th Battery, 1st Brigade, Canadian Field Artillery
LAFFERTY, Major Herber Royal Canadian Horse Artillery
LAZIER, Signaller T. H. 52nd Battery, 13th Brigade, Canadian Field Artillery
LEISHMAN, Gunner N. G. A Battery?, 1st Brigade, Canadian Field Artillery
LIVINGSTON, Lieutenant R. 10th Battery, 3rd Brigade, Canadian Field Artillery
LOCKHART, Lieutenant R. A. Trench Mortar Battery
LORIMER, Lieutenant N. H. 20th Battery, 5th Brigade, Canadian Field Artillery
MACDOUGALL, Lieutenant J. W 5th Battery
MACGILLIVRAY, Lieutenant L. 33rd Battery
MACKEEN, Lieutenant David W. 273rd Heavy Siege Battery, Canadian Field Artillery.
MACKEEN, Lieutenant Colonel H. Canadian Heavy Battery
MACLAREN, Lieutenant Ian 58th Battery
MARSHALL, Bombadier D. G. 52nd Battery
MCDONALD, Gunner G. C. 40th Battery, 10th Brigade, Canadian Field Artillery
MCGILLIVRAY, Gunner Erie Canadian Field Artillery
MCMICHAEL, Gunner J. E. 3rd Canadian Siege Battery, 1st Brigade, CGA
MCTAGGART, Major W. B 12 Battery, 3rd Brigade, Canadian Field Artillery
MITCHELL, R. G. Eaton Machine Gun Battery

British Artillery
Name and Rank Notes  
Fisken, Captain Sydney, MC Royal Artillery
Hamilton, Lieutenant F. C. Royal Field Artillery?
Hyde, Lieutenant L. B. B Reserve Brigade, Royal Horse Artillery
McMullen, R. P. 50th Queen's Battery
McMurtry, Lieutenant C. A 55th Battery, Royal Field Artillery