First World War
Andreans Who Served in Air Forces

This is a listing of Andreans who served during the First World War in the Royal Flying Corps (RFC), Royal Naval Air Service (RNAS), Royal Air Force (RAF), United States Air Force (USAF).

On April 1st, 1918 the RFC and RNAS joined to form the RAF. Unfortunately the 1919 Memorial Issue of The Review lists most as having served in the "RAF", so those for whom the specific air service is unknown, are listed under the Royal Air Force.

Note that the Canadian Air Force was not formed until 1920 and on April 1, 1925 became known as the Royal Canadian Air Force.

Royal Flying Corps
Name and Rank Notes  
BELL, Captain H. B. MC Enlisted as Gunner in 67th (UoT) Overseas Depot Battery of the Artillery; received commission Nov 1916; transferred to the RFC in Spring of 1917.
BIGWOOD, Flight Lieutenant P. H. Enrolled in the 162nd Battalion C.E.F. on April 10, 1916; later attached to the 57th Squadron, RFC
CLEMENT, Airman 1st Class D. W. 22nd Squadron, RFC
COCKBURN, Lieutenant G. A. R. January 1916, he joined the 43rd Battery, Canadian Field Artillery. After Vimy Ridge he was seconded to the 19th Squadron, Royal Flying Corps. POW
DAVIES, Flying Officer Harold E. RFC. He was one of only six Canadians who had served in all four air forces in which a Canadian could serve: Royal Naval Air Force, Royal Flying Corps, Royal Air Force and the Royal Canadian Air Force. POW  WWII
FINDLEY, Lieutenant Thomas I. MC He served with the Artillery until 30 August 1917, when he transferred to the Royal Flying Corps as an observer with No. 82 Squadron, 5 November 1917 to 2 April 1918 when he was severely wounded in his leg and arm.
HANNA, Lieutenant William Neil He was severely wounded at Mametz Wood in July, and for some months was under treatment and came home on leave. On rejoining his unit he was unable to continue in the Artillery, and transferred to the Royal Flying Corps, 36th Squadron.
JUNOR, Lieutenant Kenneth William, MC He was seconded from the 11th Machine Gun Company to the Royal Flying Corps at Reading on April 24, 1917  
ROGERS, Second Lieutenant C. E. See newspaper clippings with letters from his observer and a German aviation officer.

Royal Naval Air Service
Name and Rank Notes  
BEASLEY, Sub Lieutenant P. E. Probably RNAS  
BOYD, Lieutenant J. E. "...The quintessential Canadian pilot..."
CALVERT, Sub Lieutenant C. W. L.    
CAMPBELL, Lieutenant E. S.    
COMSTOCK, Flight Lieutenant W. H.    
CROWE, Sub Lieutenant H. L.  
DAVISON, R. F. Rank unknown  
GRANGE, Lieutenant Geo. R.    
McRAE, D. A. Rank unknown  
MASSEY, Captain A. B. AFC Enlisted in the Canadian Field Artillery; transferred to the RNAS 14 March 1917  
MAY, Flight Sub Lieutenant T. C. He enlisted in C Battery, Royal Canadian Horse Artillery of the CEF May 11, 1916; attended the Curtiss School of Aviation before joining the Royal Naval Air Service on 21 November 1916.

Royal Air Force
Name and Rank Notes  
ALEXANDER, Captain G. P.    
ALLAN, Lieutenant J. A. C.    
ALLEN, J. R. Rank unknown  
ANGSTROM, Major L. C.    
ANGUS, K. A. Rank unknown  
BATH, Captain, C. L. Fight Commander  
BELL, Captain W. G.    
BENNETT, Captain S.    
BENNETT, R. E. Rank unknown  
BRADLEY, Cadet T. B.    
BURNS, Cadet M. C.    
CHRISTIE, 2nd Lieutenant H.    
COCKING, Lieutenant A.H. RAF  
CORBOULD, Captain C. E. B. RAF (Egypt)  
DACK, 2nd Lieutenant J. O. RAF  
DAND, Cadet A. C. RAF  
DARDIS, Lieutenant G. D. RAF  
DAVIDSON, Lieutenant J. J. RAF  
DAVISON, Lieutenant J. A. RAF  
DAVISON, Lieutenant E. S. RAF  
DOOLITTLE, Lieutenant G. RAF  
DOUGLAS, Lieutenant T. St. C RAF  
DOUGLAS, Cadet G. E. RAF  
DRISCOLL, Lieutenant H. A. RAF  
FLEMING, Lieutenant J. A. M. RAF  
FORBES, 2nd Lieutenant R. D. RAF  
YUILL, Cadet J. H. RAF  
YUILL, 2nd Lieutenant  William B. RAF, 46th Squadron

United States Air Service
Name and Rank Notes  
AMBROSE, J. H. Rank unknown  
EBERTS, Captain M. M.    
PARKER, Lieutenant Park