Wing Commander G. A. Reid
SAC 1921-1927

Wing Commander George Alfred Reid attended St. Andrew's College from 1921 to 1927.

Promoted to Wing Commander, he took command of 46 Squadron in May 1942. He was killed on Sunday 3 October 1943 while flying his Beaufighter. The following combat report was written by his co-pilot F/O W.R. Peasley.

“Airborne from Lakatamis (Cyprus) in company with two aircraft of 89 Squadron. Briefed to attack enemy forces in area west of Rhodes and south of Koas. Flew to D.R. position in Scarpanto Straits, from there set course for Patmos Island. Nothing was seen until approaching Cos, where one escort ship and about six landing craft were seen two miles SSW of the Island.

The formation flew down starboard side of enemy force and about a mile distant to obtain position up-sun. Turned into attack at zero feet, own aircraft leading. Obtained hits with cannon fire on landing craft during run-in and on escort ship on run out. Aircraft hit by flak in Starboard engine and port wing tip during run-in. Bombs not released but jettisoned later. The aircraft was now difficult to handle, vibrating heavily and smoking from the starboard engine. Flew up north coast of Cos where two Arado 196’s made half-hearted and unsuccessful attacks. Turned east up the Gulf of Kerme still trying to remain airborne.

The starboard engine became completely unserviceable and the port engine overheated. Pilot closed throttles and prepared to ditch. Aircraft did a 180-degree turn out of control, control was regained, but soon lost again and aircraft spun into the sea from 300 feet and about half a mile from shore. Next thing I knew I was underwater and very dazed, dimly remember struggling from aircraft and coming to surface, noted time of crash as 0945 hrs. I floated by the “Mae West” fairly near shore, could see no sign of Wing Commander Reid. Three badly buckled petrol tanks broke surface and floated nearby. After 30 minutes in the water I was picked up by Turkish peasants and taken ashore.”

 -Courtesy F/O Craig Lennie RAF

He is remembered on the Alamein Memorial, Egypt (Grave Reference: Column 267.)  Alamein is a village which is bypassed by the main coast road approximately 130 kilometres west of Alexandria on the way to Mersa Matruh.

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  • Commemorated on Page 607 of the Second World War Book of Remembrance.