Group Captain D.S. Patterson
SAC 1915-1921

Group Captain Donald Stewart Patterson attended St. Andrew's College from 1915 to 1921.

From his home in Montreal, he enlisted 8 November 1939 and headed overseas in October 1940. His Order of the British Empire Medal was presented on 24 April 1948.

Patterson returned to Montreal after the war and died in 1973.

Military Cross
Officer, Order of the British Empire

"Group Captain Patterson is one of the Royal Canadian Air Force officers with the longest overseas service, having served overseas since October 1940.  Acting in various administrative capacities with operational units, he was selected to be the first Commanding Officer of Royal Canadian Air Force District Headquarters in Cairo.  The organization set up by Group Captain Patterson has been used as a model for all of the District Headquarters, and the success of all the District Headquarters is in no small degree attributable to this officer's excellent work. When it was decided to have a Command Staff Officer in South East Asia Air Command, Group Captain Patterson was the logical choice and he has carried into the post the same zeal and enthusiasm as in all previous appointments.  His personality and co-operation have built up an excellent feeling of co-operation and good will between the Royal Air Force and Royal Canadian Air Force in that theatre.  Whenever Royal Canadian Air Fore personnel needed help or assistance, Group Captain Patterson was on the job, and his services have always been of an outstanding calibre."
Award effective 1 January 1946 as per Canada Gazette of that date
and AFRO 82/45 dated 25 January 1946