Group Captain Denton Massey
SAC 1910-1912

Group Captain Denton Massey attended St. Andrew's College from 1910 to 1912. 

He enlisted in Toronto on 20 February 1940.  

He became an Anglican minister and served as pastor of Church of the Holy Saviour in Waterloo, Ontario from 1963 to 1970 and was best known postwar as radio evangelist.

Military Cross
Officer, Order of the British Empire

"This officer has contributed outstanding service to the Royal Canadian Air Force throughout the war and during the demobilization period following as Commanding Officer of the Reselection Centre, Trenton, Initial Training School, Victoriaville, Repatriation Centre, Warrington, England, and No.4 Release Centre, Toronto.  He has administered these difficult units and the personnel passing through them with zeal, tact, personal energy and perseverance far beyond the normal call of duty.  He has at all times exercised his ability and command in the studied improvement of good relations between the service and the individual and between the Royal Canadian Air Force and the citizens of the communities in which he has served, a feature which has been of incalculable benefit to the high standard of the Royal Canadian Air Force at home and abroad."
Award effective 13 June 1946 as per Canada Gazette of that date
and AFRO 660/45 dated 5 July 1946