Major James H. Hamilton
SAC 1928-1933, Staff 1965-1985

James Hollingworth Hamilton spent 5 years at St. Andrews and received the Lieutenant Governor’s Bronze Medal for academics in his graduating year.

Upon the outbreak of war he enlisted in the Army becoming an artillery officer. By 1945 he was a Major serving with a light anti-aircraft artillery regiment. In late 1944 he wrote the school: 

“The Germans cannot muster sufficient forces even for the defence of the Reich for very long, and then will completely collapse. Certainly his armies are retreating in utter disorder from all of France at this moment. All of us who have been in England are very keen to get hold of the flying bomb sites in Europe in order to put a stop to that infernal nuisance.”

In 1965 he returned to St. Andrew's to become the school’s first development officer, a position he would hold for 20 years. He died 21 November 1989 and was widely regarded as intelligent, articulate and endowed with a terrific sense of humour.