Colonel Robert J. Graham, DSO, CD
SAC 1926-1932

Colonel Robert James Graham, DSORobert James Graham attended St. Andrew's College from 1926-1932.

Click here for a larger version of this Service Doc page.He joined the Lord Strathcona's Horse Regiment and was wounded during the war. He continued to serve with the Strathcona's after the war and was Commanding Officer from May 1954 to August 1956.

He retired to Miami and died in 1988. 

Dsitinguished Service Order
Distinguished Service Order

Clikck here to see a larger version of the original citation."From 14 April to 17 April, 1945, Major Graham commanded "A" Squadron, 2 Canadian Armoured Regiment, Lord Strathcona's Horse (Royal Canadians) in an advance of over thirty miles NORTHWEST of ARNHEM. On the evening of 16 April, "A" Squadron was leading the attack against OTTERLO when the leading troops and squadron headquarters came under anti-tank fire from two directions, as well as consistent small arms sniping from enemy infantry. One tank was hit and burning, and two crew commanders had been wounded by small arms fire. Owing to the close nature of the country, the presence of considerable enemy infantry and the approach of darkness, Major Graham was ordered to extricate his squadron and proceed to a regimental harbour two thousand yards to the EAST. Although himself under direct anti-tank fire, which scored two ineffectual hits on his tank, Major Graham produced a smoke screen and then so skillfully manoeuvred the squadron that no further casualties were suffered. On the 17th of April, while advancing towards BARNEVELD, against heavy opposition in the form of shelling, anti-tank and small arms fire, Major Graham displayed great initiative and personal gallantry and was largely responsible for the success of his squadron on that afternoon: three self-propelled guns and two 8.8 cm anti-tank guns were destroyed with the loss of only one of our tanks. Major Graham has consistently displayed great coolness under fire and a standard of leadership that is worthy of the finest traditions."
CARO 6193 21 November 1945