Captain Allan F. Graham, MC
SAC 1927-1933

Captain Allan Frederic Graham was the son of Eleanor Jane Graham, Toronto and attended St. Andrew's College from 1927 to 1933.

He was a physician before enlisting in the Royal Canadian Medical Corps on July 1, 1941. He was apparently attached at some point to the Royal Army Medical Corps and at eventually became a prisoner of war.

Military Cross
Military Cross

"In recognition of gallant and distinguished service in the Middle East. During the attack on El Sidra on 5 June 42, this officer was the Bn. [Battalion] Medical Officer. He followed closely behind the attacking tanks, but realizing the smoke screen put down by the enemy obscured his view, he brought his un-armoured vehicle to the forefront of the tank battle. There in his truck or on foot, despite the battle raging around him and the intense artillery and M.G. fire of the enemy, he calmly proceed from one damaged tank to another, evacuating the casualties and rendering first aid. He showed a complete disregard for his own personal safety in the execution of his duty and his bravery was responsible for saving many lives."
Awarded MC as per Canada Gazette dated 5 November 1942, 
confirmed in CARO/3580 dated 2 September 1943