Lieutenant Colonel J. W. Eaton, DSO, OBE
SAC 1924-1927

Lieutenant Colonel John Wallace Eaton was born in 1912, son of Robert Young Eaton (President of Eaton's Canada 1922-1942, and nephew of founder Timothy Eaton) and Hazel Ireland, and brother of Lieutenant Allan Young Eaton (SAC 1924-1926) and Captain Erskine Robert Eaton (SAC 1924-1926) who was killed in action at Dieppe. He attended St. Andrew's College from 1924 to1927. 

He served in the 5th Canadian Armoured Regiment (8th Princess Louise's New Brunswick Hussars) which he rose to command and on the staff of the 5th Canadian Armoured Brigade. He was awarded the Distinguished Service Order and made an Officer of the Order of the British Empire.

He died in 1990.

Officer, Order of the British Empire

"During the battle of the Hitler Line and operations in the Liri Valley, this officer was Brigade Major of 5 Canadian Armoured Brigade.  For the seven days of stiffest fighting he remained continually at his post, resting only when ordered directly. The skill and judgement displayed by him in this key appointment contributed in no small degree to the success of the brigade in this its first action. Subsequently, on promotion to Lieutenant Colonel, as General Staff Officer."
Awarded as per Canada Gazette and CARO/5625, both dated 28 April 1945
Dsitinguished Service Order
Distinguished Service Order
"Lieutenant Colonel Eaton has commanded 5 Canadian Armoured Regiment (8 Princess Louise's New Brunswick Hussars) since December 1944. Immediately after assuming command he led his regiment in an infantry role during the attack across the Lamone River and the subsequent move east to cut Highway 16 north of Mezzano. This action was conducted with skill and boldness. Again in January 1945 in a brilliant armoured attack north of the Mezzano River to Lago Commachio this gallant officer displayed magnificent leadership and drive and such skilful handling of his armoured squadrons, that in spite of the bad terrain and heavy opposition, he quickly reached his objective with a minimum of losses. On 15 April 1945, during the drive northwest of Arnhem, Lieutenant Colonel Eaton again displayed great courage and outstanding leadership. On one occasion, perceiving that one of his squadrons was held down by heavy anti-tank gun fire, he personally led his own Headquarters tanks to its rescue. Again during the final phase in Northwest Holland in the clearing of the Delfzijl Pocket Lieutenant-Colonel Eaton's regiment was in support of 11 Canadian Infantry Brigade. By skilful and daring use of his tanks in the face of concrete defences and cleverly concealed anti-tank guns the last resistance was crushed and the infantry permitted to mop up with a minimum of casualties. Throughout the Italian campaign and in Northwest Holland both as a staff officer and a regimental commander, Lieutenant-Colonel Eaton has consistently displayed courage, leadership and initiative that has invariably contributed largely to the attainment of success."
Awarded as per Canada Gazette dated 10 November 1945
and CARO/6193 dated 12 November 1945