Brigadier John F. Bingham, CBE, CD, MiD
SAC 1918-1919

Brigadier John F. Bingham, CBE from 1948 newspaper article.John Francis Bingham was born August 6, 1911 and attended the prep at St. Andrew's College from 1918-1919 and then schools in England.

He obtained his commission in Lord Strathcona's Horse (Royal Canadians) in 1932, serving with that regiment and as a junior staff officer until the outbreak of war when he was promoted Captain. By June 1942 he was a Lieutenant Colonel commanding the 1st Armoured Regiment (Royal Canadian Dragoons). Later he commanded the 12th Armoured Regiment (Three Rivers) and by August 1944 was a Brigadier commanding the 2nd Canadian Armoured Brigade. From December 1944 until August 1945 he was Brigadier, Royal Armoured Corps, at First Canadian Army Headquarters.

On his return to Canada he became Commandant of the Royal Canadian Armoured Corps training establishment at Camp Borden and became Director of Army Cadets at National Defence Headquarters in Ottawa. In 1948 he was appointed as Canadian Military Attaché under Ambassador Major General Victor Odlum, at the newly established Canadian Embassy in Turkey.

He was awarded the Canadian Forces Decoration on December 3, 1951 (AO-259).

Commander, Order of the British Empire

"Brigadier Bingham landed in Normandy on D-Day as second-in-command of 2 Canadian Armoured Brigade, serving with the brigade in that capacity until appointed Brigade Commander on 8 August 1944 and continued in command until 9 December 1944 when he was appointed Brigadier Royal Canadian Armoured Corps at Headquarters First Canadian Army. He has served in the last-mentioned capacity for the balance of the campaign.  2 Canadian Armoured Brigade during the period in which Brigadier Bingham was in command or second-in-command fought with every formation in the Canadian Army and took part in most of the major battles in which that Army was engaged; it played a part of particular importance during the pursuit from the Seine. The Brigade established a most enviable reputation in battle and this was in no small measure due to Brigadier Bingham's tactical ability and leadership. As Brigadier Royal Canadian Armoured Corps this officer has applied himself to his responsible duties with energy, efficiency and enthusiasm. He has shown a keen knowledge and appreciation of the problems involved in the employment of armour under modern conditions and has successfully sponsored many improvements in technique and movement." 
Awarded as per Canada Gazette dated 15 December 1945 
and CARO/6632 dated 18 December 1945

Mentioned in Despatches