Group Captain A. K. Aspden, OBE
SAC 1906-1913

Alan Kenzie (or Kinzie) Aspden was born in Chicago, Illinois, USA on January 28, 1896 or 1897 (different birth dates on each of the WWI attestation papers), son of Ethel Aspden and attended St. Andrew's College from 1906 to 1913.

During World War I, Alan joined the 1st Construction Battalion on July 29, 1916 in which he seems to have served for 18 months as a Private. He later joined the University of Toronto Officer Training Company on April 26, 1918. [The 1919 Review listed him as having served with the 1st Tank Battalion.]

  • Copy of Attestation Paper (National Archives) 1916 - Front - Back
  • Copy of Attestation Paper (National Archives) 1918 - Front - Back

During World War II, he reenlisted in the Royal Canadian Air Force in Goderich, Ontario on November 8, 1939 and served with 1 Port Transit Unit. He rose to the rank of Group Captain and was made an Officer of the Order of the British Empire. At that time he was residing in Ottawa, Ontario.

Military Cross
Officer, Order of the British Empire
"This officer is ship's Commandant on His Majesty's Ship "Queen Elizabeth" and has carried out his very important and responsible duties with credit to himself and the Service. He has won the admiration and praise of other authorities and permanent staffs on board ship, by his efficiency and able leadership. He has rendered outstanding and meritorious service."

Awarded 1 January 1946 as per Canada Gazette
and AFRO 82/45 dated 25 January 1946