Captain William G. Angus, MC
SAC 1937-1938

William Glenn Angus attended St. Andrew's College from 1937 to 1938.

He served with the 48th Highlanders of Canada and was awarded the Military Cross for the action described below. 

Military Cross
Military Cross

"On the night of 10/11 December 1944, the 48th Highlanders of Canada made an assault crossing of the Lamone River at MR 413348. This river has dykes some 30 feet high, sloping to the water at approximately 45 degrees; and with the enemy solidly dug in along the top of the dyke and in the fields behind, presented a formidable obstacle. 
    "A" Company was leading company in this assault, and Captain William Glenn Angus commanded the leading platoon. The moment his platoon appeared over our bank with their assault boats, a withering fire was brought down on them from machine gun posts at point blank range across the river. Rallying his men, this officer quickly had the boats launched and on their way across. He was amongst the first to land, and personally led the platoon storming up the 30-foot dyke into the thick of the enemy positions. So inspiring was his leadership and so determined the assault that the platoon had very soon accomplished it's initial task, which was to clear the enemy bank for a length of 300 yards. In doing this, 9 enemy machine gun posts were routed, thus freeing the crossing point of aimed small arms fire for the remainder of the Battalion. 
    Leaving part of his platoon to hold this area, Captain Angus then immediately organized a fighting patrol to seek out and destroy further enemy. With complete disregard for his own safety he struck into an area known to be mined; he soon found the enemy, who resisted his intrusion vigorously with small arms fire, rifle and hand grenades. In spite of this opposition, and in the lead throughout, this gallant and determined officer charged and captured three further enemy positions, each a section in strength, personally killing three Germans. 
    Throughout this action Captain Angus displayed a most inspiring courage and a matchless initiative and determination. His action, over and above the terms of his orders, in exploiting into enemy territory, ensured the successful crossing and subsequent exploitation of the remainder of the Battalion. His aggressive spirit resulted in the capture by himself and his platoon of 48 of the enemy in this operation and the killing of a number of others."
Awarded as per Canada Gazette and CARO/5483, both dated 24 March 1945