Captain Guy H. Wallace, MD
SAC 1901-1904

Captain Guy Halifax Wallace was born  February 12, 1887 in St. Thomas, Ontario, son of A. E. Wallace of 94 Glen Rd, Toronto.

He attended St. Thomas Public School and  then St. Andrew's College from 1901 to 1904. Wallace received his medical degree from the University of Toronto after studying from 1909 to 1914 and practised as a physician in New York City. He married Ethel E. Lawrence.

With no previous military experience, he enlisted on November 24, 1915 at the age of 28 and served in the Canadian Army Medical Corps. When on his way overseas he was taken ill with pleurisy*, from which he never fully recovered. He served for fifteen months on the staff of No. 11 Canadian General, Moore Barracks, Hospital. Owing to his health orders sending him to France were twice cancelled. Coming home on leave he was refused permission to return, and was eventually discharged. He never recovered his health, and died of pneumonia on December 9th, 1918 in New York.

  • Copy of Attestation Paper (National Archives) - Front - Back
With information from the University of Toronto Roll of Service, 1914-1918.

*Note: Pleurisy is the inflammation of the membrane (pleura) surrounding the lungs, usually involving painful breathing, coughing, and the build up of fluid in the pleural cavity.