Lieutenant Malcolm E. Ross, MC
SAC 1907-1910

#30249 Lieutenant Malcolm Edwin Ross attended St. Andrew's College from  1907 to 1910.

In June 1916 Ross was a Corporal serving with the 1st Infantry Brigade, 1st Canadian Division, #2 Divisional Train. By April 1918, he seems to have been promoted to Lieutenant serving with the D.112, Brigade, Royal Field Artillery of the British Expeditionary Force in France.

In May 1918 his father wrote to the Headmaster, Rev. D. Bruce Macdonald: 

"I have no hesitation in saying that the training received by Malcolm at your hands has been of the very greatest value to him in his career since he left St. Andrew's College ... "
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Military Cross
Military Cross
"On the night of the 22nd. March the battery remained behind to cover the retirement. It was essential to have accurate information of the situation to the front and flanks.  Lieut. Ross and Br. Oates got into touch with our advanced infantry and reconnoitred the whole front, from BEAUMETZ to CHAUFOURS wood. He then established liaison with Capt. Parsons, 3rd. Worcestershires, at a point between MORCHIES and the BEET-ROOT factory and sent back frequent and valuable information by lamp, thus ensuring the safety of the battery throughout the night.

On the 23rd and 24th he was at an O.P. [Observation Post] near DELSAUX farm, kept the line going, made several daring reconnaisances and sent back valuable information. This work was all done under heavy fire.

Throughout the operations he has shown himself a brave, skilful officer, a fine leader, and full of the fighting spirit."

London Gazette 23 July 1918