Group Captain G. O. Lightbourn, OBE
SAC 1903-1908

Group Captain Gilbert Ord Lightbourn was born in Toronto, Ontario on March 13, 1894, son of Mrs Florence Augusta Lightbourn and attended St. Andrew's College from 1903 to 1908. He then went on to University College, (Wycliffe) University of Toronto in 1916.

Lightbourn was a Lieutenant in the 109th Reserves when he enlisted with the 180th Overseas Battalion of the Canadian Expeditionary Force on February 22, 1916. He then transferred to the Royal Naval Air Service as a Flight Sub Lieutenant. He was a Lieutenant in the newly formed Royal Air Force in April 1918 and was promoted to Captain in July 1918. He conducted coastal patrols and convoy duty along the British coast and in the Mediterranean from November 1917 to November 1918..

From 1931 to 1940 he was the Rector of Trinity Anglican Church in Aurora before resigning when he re-enlisted in Toronto with the Royal Canadian Air Force on April 13, 1940. He was eventually posted as Senior Protestant Chaplain of the Royal Canadian Air Force Overseas, for which he was subsequently made an Officer  of the Order of the British Empire.

Officer, Order of the British Empire

"This officer has been Senior Protestant Chaplain of Royal Canadian Air Force Overseas for the past three and one half years.  He started off with a small nucleus of chaplains and has built up his branch until it now consists of over seventy chaplains.  He has them placed at strategic positions where they can best look after the welfare of the Protestant personnel overseas.  Group Captain Lightbourn has not spared himself and has travelled many thousands of miles in the interest of the service and the work which has to be done.  He has set an example of a very high standard and due to the policy of two-year repatriation has lost many excellent key men who have been hard to replace.  His work has been endless in the training of new personnel to fulfil their difficult task.  He has contributed greatly to the goodwill and high morale of the personnel with whom he came in contact wherever he served."
Award effective 1 January 1946 as per Canada Gazette of that date
and AFRO 82/45 dated 25 January 1946